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  1. one quick call to celebrity had it all sorted and tickets and luggage labels available the morning after
  2. Hi Everyone, We set sail on Silhouette next Saturday 11th sept and our luggage labels are still showing as pending and we can not yet print at home, any ideas when these become available to print? Many Thanks Darren
  3. Hi To those currently on board the Silhouette can someone confirm if guests could get off independently this time as they were prevented from doing so on the last visit? We are boarding on 11th Sept and Belfast is a port of call so I hope we can explore independently Many thanks Darren
  4. Hi We have cruised many times with many companies, but never with CMV before but are booked on Columbus for Christmas and new year, Can anyone tell me which speakers have been on CMV? i know there was a list in the last brochure but not seen one recently? Many thanks in advance Darren
  5. Hi we are booked on the Getaway on the 25th June, Since Thursday the system has lost our "free at sea offers. dining and beverage package, also the system shows £2009.10 outstanding even though it was paid in full at he the time of booking last month, in total £4600 was paid last month for 3 of us in a mini suite. NCL blame computer upgrade and say the problems should be resolved by Monday! Lets see!!!! Darren
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