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  1. mauruuru

    cell phones and blackberries

    Hello realproperty, we were in Tahiti last May and had a similar question. I had a Rogers Treo 600 at that time. Yes, your GSM based phone will work in Tahiti and some of the islands, but it's quite expensive. We solved this by purchasing a SIM in Papeete at a Tikiphone/Vini location near the dock. Worked great, gave us a Polynesian phone number that we used and we bought additional time as we needed it. Take a look at either [URL="http://www.vini.pf"]www.vini.pf[/URL] or go to [URL="http://www.tahitiguide.com/@en-us/article.asp?article_id=5/2/478"]http://www.tahitiguide.com/@en-us/article.asp?article_id=5/2/478[/URL] for some details. Have fun, is it your first trip? We're in Ottawa.
  2. mauruuru

    Miki Miki Waverunner rental in Bora Bora

    Just to be clear, Miki Miki and Matira Jet Tours are different operators. I can't speak to Miki Miki, we had a wonderful time with Matira (Ray Besineau) and our guide. Booking by e-mail was the way to go as each of three couples paid a different price, ours was cheapest at $190 for the full tour including Jetski/Waverunner and ATV.
  3. mauruuru

    Miki Miki Waverunner rental in Bora Bora

    Hello Charsacutter, this is/was not an easy one to find but here's a link that'll put you in the right place: if you got to www.boraborawaverunner.com it'll simply redirect here: http://www.tahitiguide.com/directory/details.asp?filter_1=&office=1060. It's got all you need including e-mail address and pricing of different packages. Have fun, we want to go back so bad...:(
  4. mauruuru

    Tahitian Princess Menu

    I would not make a return trip to the Sterling Steakhouse, as our dinner there during the May 9th sailing was the only negative experience of the whold cruise. Food was good, but we were rushed through our meal...we were asked to finish up our wine and coffee at another table so they could set up our table for another reservation...Rude! We had much better service in the main dining room, were never rushed, and didn't have to pay a premium for it!
  5. mauruuru

    TP - Tahiti to Hawaii

    We were on the 5/9 cruise. Formal nights were a mix of tuxes and suits and ties, a few (very few) were smart casual. "Regular" nights were primarily smart casual (pants and lots of tropical prints). The main dining room did not allow shorts at dinner. In my opinion it made the whole trip seem a little more exotic and upscale.
  6. mauruuru

    TP Review - April 9 - 19/06 (Lengthy)

    We were on the May 9/06 TP cruise, flew from Ottawa to Vancouver, Vancouver to LA (all AC) and LA to Papeete on ANZ. Used points and trip took nearly 24 hours, lots of time in LAX but spent most of it in the ANZ lounge (same terminal as AC, upstairs next to Maple Leaf Lounge). We didn't have to do a thing with our baggage in LA, in Vancouver, just the usual Canada to US claim your bag, go thru US Customs and Immigration and recheck the bags. Man, ANZ was sweet (we had upgraded to Business and the service was the best I've ever had). Real pillows and lambswool blankets and nearly lie flat seats, free booze and great food. Be prepared for a wait in Papeete airport, immigration checks will take a long, long time. Too few agents, too many passangers. Have fun.
  7. mauruuru

    internet on TP

    Oops, sorry, GSM is a type of cellphone service. Cingular and T-Mobile provide this type of service, it's pretty much the standard in Europe (and French Polynesia) some in North America. The other, more common service in North America is CDMA. Generally GSM phones have a tiny little card you plug in (SIM). Vini provides you with this card (with a phone number) and service. It's pretty straightforward (if you have a GSM phone) and the pholks at the phone place are very helpful. We tried using the shipboard internet service but the charges scared us off. You know, the phone is much more immediate :) Congratulations on your 25th, we celebrated ours in May on the Tahitian Princess.
  8. mauruuru

    Miki Miki Waverunner rental in Bora Bora

    We had a great time on this excursion (we booked it ourselves by e-mail). Rainu (Ray) Besineau was great, our guide Warren (!?) was excellent. We had never driven a Jetski before and it was a piece of cake. You've never seen such beautiful water. We completely circumnavigated the island, stopped at a private motu where we rode ATV's out to the ocean side of the motu. We can't stop talking about the great time, Warren even dropped us off at Bloody Mary's dock and we enjoyed a couple of Hinano's :D . Go for it!
  9. mauruuru

    internet on TP

    Sounds a little crazy but it's not as crazy or expensive (compared to internet onboard), we picked up prepaid phone card from Vini/Tikiphone the local cellphone company. If you have a GSM phone and it's not locked, they'll provide you with a SIM card, including French Polynesian phone number and a package of minutes. We were able to check up on our daughter and she could call us. Don't talk too long, you can really burn throught those minutes. Check out their site ([URL="http://www.vini.pf/wps/portal?SYMBOLNAV=webVisIntlEng"]http://www.vini.pf/wps/portal?SYMBOLNAV=webVisIntlEng[/URL]) for all the details. Worked for us.:)
  10. mauruuru

    Arrival Question...

    Can't speak for the Meridian but we really enjoyed the Sheraton. No transfers from Princess, much less expensive to "do-it-yourself". Our cab from the aitport to the Sheraton was 15,000CFP (about $15). We spent one full day and one night here prior to embarkation, spent time at the pool and were trated very well. Cab from hotel to ship was also 15,000CFP. If you're staying at the Sheraton, say hello to Tupu the bellman, you can't miss him, big guy, big smile, he was the best:) Enjoy!
  11. mauruuru

    Arrival Question...

    We were on this flight early in May. It took us just over one hour to clear immigration, only two agents for two large aircraft. Once we cleared immigration our bags were already on the carrousel. Clearing customs was simply a case of being waved through by the agents. We were booked at the Sheraton Tahiti and they took real good care of us. We arrived a little after 8:00am and the prepared a room for us, encouraged us to go have breakfast and we were in a room by 9:30am. Later that day we were upgraded to a suite and discovered that our breakfast had been paid for. BWT, the speed of things in Tahiti is not the same as in North America so try to relax and be patient, it pays off. Can't wait to go back tp FP :)