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  1. gill_boo

    Cruising with infants

    Oh my twins are already here. They're 3 1/2 months now. They'll be just over six months when we want to cruise. To the poster who tried for 14 years, I hear ya. These two were 8 years in the making and are IVF babies.
  2. gill_boo

    Cruising with infants

    Thanks everyone for your feedback and pictures! Very helpful! As for leaving them at home, nah, I've waited years to have them I want them to come and have fun with us. I know they don't take anything away from it at this age but it will still be fun. I knew about the no water diapers allowed, thanks for the tip on the small blowup pool, that's a great idea. We'll see if it happens. Waiting to hear back from my mom if she can swing it. It will be her and I and the 2 babes. Leaving my hubby at home.
  3. gill_boo

    Cruising with infants

    They'll be 6 months. They can sleep together in a playpen no issue. They're used to being together. How big are the cribs?
  4. gill_boo

    Cruising with infants

    After a long break of no cruising due to trying to get pregnant, succeeding and now having twins! We are looking at cruising again. So, here is my question to all the experienced parent cruisers. How do you sail with infants who are still sleeping in a crib at home? Does carnival have bassinets? Playpens? Bring your own? Mattress on the floor?
  5. Haven't been on here in forever. We have 2 FVC's that are going to expire in October. There used to be so many group cruises with reduced deposits on this thread but now there's only a few. Where'd they all go?
  6. gill_boo

    Future Vacation Credit

    That's one of the conditions. They can only be applied to bookings made after purchased.
  7. gill_boo

    btb liqueur policy

    I'd buy it off the ship, then go pick it up on the morning of the "first" debarkation. It was about $5 cheaper a bottle on the islands for a bottle of malibu.
  8. gill_boo

    I really, really did it!!

    HAHA, I did it too!!! Minus the one night we were in the steakhouse. But we had the chocolate sampler up there, does that count?
  9. gill_boo

    Pride with Children

    I know where you stand with your young one not wanting to go to camp. My step-son didn't want to go at all when he was 10, but his 13 year old sister had a blast. Finally we talked him into going to 1 event and he ended up meeting friends and just hung around with them the rest of the cruise. Maybe make a deal with your child that if they go to one event and don't like it, even just a little, then they don't have to go back. At least it would be a way for them to meet some friends. The good thing is the 10 and 12 year old will be in the same group. On a side note, the Pride does have a lot of "nude" type artwork everywhere. I even mentioned to my husband that it looked like one woman was playing with herself. In the elevators people have scratched off a lot of the nipples on the artwork. We noticed it less and less through the cruise, and I'm sure your kids would have a great time regardless of the decor. Just wondering what itinerary you were going to do? If it's the Grand Turk, Half Moon Cay, Nassau itinerary I would say that is a great cruise for kids.
  10. gill_boo

    Question about TVs...

    Not at all, we watched Law and Order, CSI, Pan Am all while on board last week.
  11. gill_boo

    I Just Filled a Suitcase with 50 Diet Cokes

    We just sailed and took stuff onboard with us in a roller carry on. 12 ginger ales, 20 waters, 8 large red bulls for 2 of us. No one said anything, they just wanted to check the wine bottle was sealed.
  12. Obviously the people who are saying you should just watch your kids, don't have kids. I fully remember as a child being bored in department stores and playing in the clothing racks and getting my name called quite often because I had disappeared from sight. On one vacation we took to England when I was 7, we went to an amusement park in Blackpool and all day I wanted to go on this one "fun house" type ride. But my older sister, 12 at the time, was too cool to go on it and no one else would. So, I went on it by myself. Well, I got to the middle of the ride where I could see down to where I'd left everyone and waved down to my very angry mother. I don't think I was more than 2 feet from her for the rest of that trip, but its not that she wasn't watching me, it was that I was being a kid and stubborn and wanted to go on that ride. I'm sure that happens all the time with kids.
  13. gill_boo

    Platinum & Gold Embarkation Mix?

    When you go into the terminal there are separate lines and waiting rooms for VIP and regular. There is usually a person standing at the entrance to the area checking Fun Passes to see if they are VIP. Once you are separated they don't know who's who at the gangway. I am Platinum and my DH is gold, but he will be able to board with me as we are on the same Fun Pass and credit card. Does that make sense?
  14. gill_boo

    Cheapest Car Rentals

    I generally try Travelocity because it will show you a bunch at once and then you can find the cheapest and go there. But definitely google car rental discount codes, I've gotten some pretty good deals but you'll have to try a bunch of codes to find the best one. Also, join the rental companies free membership program, you'll get to jump the line if you have the card and sometimes you can just skip the desk altogether and just go straight to the car.
  15. We were on the lido deck one cruise and saw this little guy, his name was Jake, he was probably 5 or 6, standing beside the pool just looking back and forth with a really worried look on his face. I know to every parent that finding your child with a stranger sometimes isn't that comforting, but I didn't want him to just wander off and or get into the pool and drown. We were sitting right in front of the pool so I went over and asked him if he was lost, and he nodded. I told him to sit right on the end of my chair and that I was going to get someone who could help us. I first asked one of the roaming waiters and he had no idea what to do. Then I saw that set up for the spa just inside the doors to the atrium lobby and I knew those girls would understand. They immediately called security for me and I went back to sit with the little guy until security came. It took them almost 20 minutes to show up. All the while, trying to keep him calm we played little games like I, spy and such. I had tried to get it out of him what color his mom had been wearing but he didn't know. Finally when security arrived, they radio'd down to find that his mom was at the GS desk freaking out and she came flying up when she heard he'd be found on the lido. Turns out his older brother of 14 had decided to leave the upper deck where the slide was and go down to the pool, but had no idea his little brother followed him. So he saw friends and took off, but Jake stayed at the pool. Then he had no idea where his mom was sitting and couldn't see her. I just glad everything worked out and he was fine, but there are so many bad people in this world that could have taken advantage of the situation. That's gotta be the worst feeling in the world when you can't find your child.