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  1. It’s available for iPhone because I downloaded it yesterday. However, I had to delete the app an reinstall it in order for Rhapsody to appear.
  2. I just booked a lunch at Chops and was wondering if you could order as much as you like from the menu. I would only want to order one entree but I love to try different appetizers. Would I look like a “piggie” if I asked for more than one?
  3. We’ve always had a balcony cabin but have never paid extra for a junior suite. We have the opportunity to bid on one and I wondered what extra perks come with the JS (other than the extra sized room). We are booked on the Rhapsody of the Seas. Thanks
  4. Ooh...I love the idea of going to the Windjammer, seeing a show, and then going back for dessert!
  5. I get such a thrill going under bridges on a cruise ship. It’s a great way to begin a cruise. We have cruised under the Verrazano Bridge in NYC several times. We live near the Skyway Bridge in St. Petersburg and often go to Fort DeSoto Park where we can watch the cruise ships going under the bridge and returning to Tampa.
  6. For anyone who has cruised from the Tampa port, do you remember about how long it takes for the ship to reach the Skyway bridge in St Pete? I would love to be able to stand on the deck when we cruise under the bridge on the first day. We have My Time Dining but I don’t want to be stuck in the dining room eating when the ship goes under the bridge. Thanks, Karen
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