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  1. ty tka good info. but of the 3 in the poll what would you pick?
  2. I hope your tipping your flight attendants! Thats a lot of suitcases!
  3. not sure where to even start looking or if I should even consider a "ship within a ship" upgrade
  4. what is the best upgrade. there is so many options?
  5. i think it would be hard to remember whats included and whats not included. would I end up packing things that are included? i like to make sure I have things like lawreys seasoneding salt with me for dining (herd, private & in room) but if this is included in Meravigles would I need to bring it? how do I find out? this is just one thing that would confuse me whilst packing. what else can I leave at home because its included. too much for this old mare to figure out. i could probably do with pretending the key to my room is my castle drawbridge and stay secluded in there. no kids or dirty dishes in there
  6. The lack of children soiled plates and express elevator sound like this is the perfect all inclusive ticket. I find it odd anyone would sail anything else when this exists. I hear carnivle is the polar opposite kinda like a giant cattle drive on the ocean
  7. can't get the pfd to open whats on the menu?
  8. Does Teppenyaki only serve teppanyaki or do they serve other dishes as well? If so, what kind?
  9. thank you ma'am. looking forward to my upcoming steamboat cruise. simpler times, you know?
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