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  1. We also rented a car in Skagway and drove up to Emerald Lake. There are some options that include one direction train and the other bus, and some of them go to Emerald Lake. But, there were 4 of us and it cost us about 1/8 what it would have cost us to do a train/bus tour. We really enjoyed doing this on our own and it was a rather nice break in the week to be on our own and away from the crowds, taking our time and calling the shots as to when, where, and how long. I know those that have taken the train enjoyed it, but I'm not sure it is worth the major extra bucks. Just my thoughts...and those of the other people with us. Either way, be sure you make the trip up to the Yukon!
  2. Just returned from the Sapphire Princess. The hallway carpet on the port side has a pink border and the starboard side had a light blue border. This was especially helpful early in the trip when we were always using different elevators and it made it so easy to see at a glance which way we needed to turn. NCL also used a different border on each side of the ship, so this must be a standard practice and maybe not even a secret except to a novice like myself! ;)
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