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  1. Hello! I just took my 8 month old on Oasis of the Seas and the trip went very well. My first tip is too really look into the ship you plan on sailing on and see what they have to offer for under 5s. Many of the cruise lines have suspended their under 3 and in some cases under 5 kids clubs. For me and my husband having access to some sort of daycare, paid or otherwise, was vital. We also wanted to make sure their were activities for our little one to do. The Oasis of the Seas had a baby splash park and an indoor play area that was perfect for tiring our little man out. Things I brought to make our trip easier... *A travel bottle drying rack, dish soap, bottle brush, 4 sippy cups and 8 baby spoons. *A shout stick and magnet hooks to clean any clothing caught up in a blow out and to hang to dry. Also useful for cleaning bibs. *A stroller, this is a must imo. I made sure to order a rain cover for it as well and that came in handy on a rainy port day. *A white noise machine. Helped drown out any sounds from outside our cabin. Hope this helps!
  2. I've sailed on both Carnival and Royal with kids and I will choose the Quantum or Oasis class ships on RC every time. It also appears that Carnival may have paused their kids clubs for under 5s. The site is very conflicting regarding this and when I spoke on the phone with them I also could not get an actual response. Carnival is "fun" but Royal is too. I also didn't notice much of a price difference on board. There was plenty of free coffee, flavored waters, and juices to drink that were free.
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