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  1. All Great advice guys. Thank you!! I've got a much better idea of how to conduct myself on the islands. I've also ordered a wateerproodf bag to keep what valuables I do take off the ship safe. Thanks again to all!
  2. All excellent advicePacnGo, I sincerely appreciate it! It would be terrible to have one bad event ruin this experience. Were sailing on the new Mardi Gras in September.
  3. I've never been on a cruise or for that matter outside the USA. I've booked a Carnival cruise to Grand Turk. I've also reserved a Golf Cart to tour the island while my wife and I are there. I'd like to drive to isolated beaches, park the cart, and swim and snorkel. Is this a safe activity? How do I protect my cash, cards, and passport while swimming? Were also doing the same thing in Nassau later in the same cruise. Any ideas or suggestions would be Greatly Appreciated!
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