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  1. Really...Hmmm, I thought they had to complete before leaving port...They MUST be flexible. I'd HATE to do it after being underway...once the ship is moving, I don't want to have to bother with stuff like that!! That's cutting into MY time, then! I bet they have a harder time getting people to participate than the ships that do it before setting sail!
  2. They can't be during Sailoff...The ship is not legally able to leave port until the Muster drill is complete. It's the law.
  3. We're waiting on DH's brother to decide if we'll be booking this year or not. DH wants to pay for brother's cruise (& his wife's) as a gift. He's saying if they don't want to go (??:confused: ?? WHY wouldn't someone want to go? Their reasons are not understandable to me!) than we would wait until next year to go on an Italy cruise... Reading these message boards makes me want to call up the ol' brother-in-law and "convince" them...argh!!
  4. Yeah, I live here, too...and maybe Sundays are different, but we've traveled to Orlando on Saturdays and have hit bad traffic before. I'm just saying, keep it in mind. Yes...I'm doubting on the fireplace, too...we have one in our house and we keep candles in it. We've never lit a "fire" in it in all the years we've lived there.
  5. Be very careful of I-4...It's the road from Hell. Seriously, we're talking 1 hour traffic back-ups because someone's trying to change a tire on the side of the road...and it's not like their IN the road or anything! Accidents are prevalent on this road...it's bad. Leave yourself PLENTY of time to get there if you fly into Orlando and travel on the day the ship leaves. Another option if you don't want to fly into Tampa is Sarasota - an hour south of Tampa. Or Ft Myers - 3 hours South of Tampa. (estimated times...) I-75 is an good road to travel...usually easy.
  6. Hey DolphinFan...Remember me from last year's Glory cruise?? We took a zipline excursion 2 years ago in Belize...No upper body strength needed, but you definitely need to be in good shape to get up the mountain in the rain forest! They have foot paths, but it's a good 45 min climb before you get to start zipping. And, FloridaLaura? Are you one of my Multiple Personalities?? Geesh, girl! Same name and everything...you could be me...or - oh, no! Maybe I'm you! I'm South of Tampa, please tell me you're North. We're looking at Legend either the last week of November or the first week of December...Do they have the chocolate buffet on this ship?? or, we may wait and cruise the Mediteranian next year instead...look out Italy & Greece!
  7. Would LOVE a copy of what you come up with...I'm vegetarian and am realizing how difficult it is going to be on this cruise. Thanks! Laura
  8. Wow! Ok, I have read EVERY SINGLE POST in this 56 page thread. Yikes. I've emailed myself 4 times with things I want to remember for our second cruise on Glory Sept 2. Here are my tips... Carnival is a COKE ship...They do not carry Pepsi products. The Western Caribbean is ALSO a COKE dominated itinerary. If you are a (Mt Dew) Pepsi person...BRING YOUR OWN. (Poor Hubby...He still shivers at the thought of our last cruise) The walkie talkies didn't work for us. We could hear other people trying to contact each other...but we could never hear each other. Our last cruise was on Glory. We had an interior room. We had a fridge and we had robes. We asked for the fridge to be locked, though. We got a chocolate specialty cake for my husband's birthday and it wasn't that great. We talked about keeping the Carnival beach towel, but the one we had was stained, so we threw it on the floor to get a new one...we didn't get a new one. Our steward just kept picking it up, folding it and putting it back on the bed for us to use. :( Here's a biggie...WALK EVERYWHERE. Do NOT take the elevators. Take the stairs. No lines...AND you'll work off all that food you eat. Don't be afraid to do separate things...just pick a time to meet back up - in the room, at the coffee shop, at the ice cream place...wherever. Dramamine. Take it before bed. It works 24 hours. You'll have any side effects while you are sleeping and you'll awake bright eyed, bushy tailed and sans seasickness. We had one couple at our table who really wanted to order more than one entre or dessert, but were afraid to look like pigs, so once I found that out, I made sure to order two of something each night...until she realized it was ok and joined me on the 5th or 6th night. We had late seating so we wouldn't hit the midnight buffet...no worries about over stuffing ourselves (we didn't even see it until the 4th or 5th night when we stumbled upon it by accident.) Plus, we got in a nap before dinner. We did, however, always have ice cream before turning in for the evening, though. I like the idea of ordering brownies or chocolate chip cookies from room service and taking them to the ice cream machine and dousing them accordingly...we WILL be doing that this time around. For newbies...I get cold easily. The dining room was ALWAYS freezing. Make sure to take something nice that goes with your formal dress that will keep you warm. We had to buy a shawl in port because I only had sweatshirts and non-fancy warm-wear. GO TO THE CAPTAIN"S COCKTAIL PARTY...and try the drinks, even if it doesn't look like something you'd particularly like! THEY ARE FREE! I found out that I just LOVE lime martini's!! I can't find them anywhere else like the ship ones, but we can't wait to get back on board...for the lime martini's and the mochaccino's from the coffee bar (They use Giardelli chocolate and...drrrrooool....whipped cream. Hence the "walk everywhere") We always arrived first at dinner and had a blast messing with our tablemates by moving all around the table and sitting in different places each night. It was interesting to see what order the seats filled up...and that it changed as the week progressed and we got to know each other better. That's good for now...Waiting (im)patiently for Glory 9/2...45 days:rolleyes:
  9. Only 5?? Well, besides the obvious stuff (clothes, tickets, fanny pack, Camera, etc) 1. sun block 2. Dramamine 3. Journal & pen 4. Walking shoes 5. iPod w/ charger DH's list 1. Mt Dew 2. Sunburn stuff 3. Hat with strap so it doesn't fly away 4. Book 5. Money
  10. Be advised that the movie Under The Tuscan Sun is NOTHING like the book. I liked the book, though, and have Bella Tuscany to read still.
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