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  1. I thought I read it was 18 and up. That is the reason I was considering it as we love our kids and grands, but well, we were looking forward to an area without kiddos possibly.
  2. I am really toying with booking a Havana cabin on the Horizon for the April 26, 2020 sailing to the Western Caribbean. Question is .... are they worth the additional money? It will only be my husband and I traveling (52 and 57. I know that during the day it is adults only, but do they offer enough loungers to accommodate everyone? Any insight is appreciated! Kim
  3. Hubby and I are considering a cruise to Iceland in 2019. One of his "bucket list" items is to see the Northern Lights. Will these be visible from ports in Iceland or should we focus more on going as far north in Norway as possible to see them. Thanks for any insight ...
  4. Does anyone know if the Silhouette has laundry facilities that passengers can use while on board? If so, where are they located. TIA!
  5. Does anyone have suggestions on the best way to get from the port to the Acropolis? We do not want to book a driver as we did that on our prior trip to Athens. We have scheduled a private tour guide of the Acropolis and need to meet her at 9:30am. Would the HOHO bus work? TIA! Kim
  6. We are taking my MIL and her friend with us on the Israel / Greece itinerary on the Silhouette in October. Both my MIL and her friend are in their 80's and still very mobile. Since this will probably be their last big trip in their lives, DH and I want to make this special for them. We planning on having our concierge on the Silhouette deliver goodie bags to their cabin. Custom shirts and water bottles are being done as well as a custom "anchor" bag. We were also thinking about putting snacks in the bags for them. Looking for other things to insert, hence looking for some ideas. Anyone be able to assist with ideas? TIA -
  7. Thanks Manbo. I am trying to justify the additional costs and it is true, we were only in our cabin to sleep on our first Hawaii cruise. I know we definitely do not want an inside cabin, so unless the perks can really justify the additional $, it will be a balcony.
  8. 14 years ago DH and I cruised on the Pride of Aloha as our first cruise together in an inside cabin. We loved the cruise through Hawaii and looking to repeat this trip in August 2018. This time, though, we are looking to book a balcony or suite. We have sailed in balcony cabins on NCL ships prior, but never a suite. Besides the additional space, are there additional perks that come with the suites? I am trying to justify the additional costs. Any insight would be much appreciated.
  9. Sounds good but hubby wants a guide to get all the insight information. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  10. Trying to get recommendations for tour companies / guides for Olympia and Lindos. We will be arriving via Celebrity in October. Any recommendations would be awesome. Thanks! Kim
  11. Just booked our cruise today that will stop in Ashdod for two days and then in Haffa. Any recommendations on tour excursion companies to use?
  12. Thanks for the information. Do you have a website or contact method for Claudia?
  13. Ravenna is our first port stop after leaving Venice next July. Is there any insight on what to do in Ravenna? Do we need to look into a guide? Is it doable on our own? Any insight would be awesome! TIA, Kim
  14. We flew Norwegian out of LAX to AMS august 2015 with no problems. I would say definitely they are better then the US main carriers. We drove all over Western Europe and over to England. If you have questions, let me know. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  15. We rented a car while on Maui st the time we were on the cruise and parked the car right in the port area. It was safe and very convenient. Keep in mind this was in 2005 too. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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