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  1. I hope it is for you guys! We are booked on a Baltic for May 18, 2022.
  2. We have had to cancel our Baltic cruise this year and are looking at late August / early September 2021 to reschedule. What is weather like around this timeframe? TIA! Kim
  3. The NCL itinerary that I had posted was from this year’s itinerary in June 2020. NCL has yet to put their itinerary out for 2021 and I have called several times requesting when it will be put out. No one seems to know.
  4. I have confirmed with Holland America that they are not doing the itinerary next year.
  5. I called Holland and the gal I talked to said they are not doing the Arctic this year. Hard to believe as that is one of their most popular routes. Hmmnm .....
  6. I was making the assumption Viking was out of our price range. Maybe I should check them out.
  7. NCL is getting ready to lose our business because of this! They should know that for a cruise like this that only runs once a year to release rates early along with all the other lines. Stupid on their part for sure!
  8. Our Baltic is on NCL Escape and starts / ends in Copenhagen. We did find a cruise on Holland America that does Norway and the Baltic but I am not sure that it includes the Cape. As for Crystal, that is a bit to formal for us. We are laid back and easy cruisers. If my husband does not have to dress up, he is much happier.
  9. We are now also looking at Holland America for their Midnight Sun cruise. We do not want to wait either as I know we are going to have to jiggle our Baltic cruise around.
  10. If we wanted to do a seven night cruise then Garringer and Flam are on the itineraries. Since we want to go all the way to the north they are not. Is it worth going to Garringer and Flam versus going all the way north?
  11. When will NCL release their rates for the Norwegian Fjord cruise in June 2021? We have decided to do this cruise but I am antsy and want to see what the pricing and date will be so that I can jiggle our Baltic cruise on the NCL Escape currently scheduled for departure on June 6, 2021. Thanks!
  12. Hubby and I have decided to piggy back a Norwegian Fjords cruise to our Baltic cruise in June 2021 as this is our trip to celebrate hubby's early retirement. So I think we have narrowed down to itineraries that go above the Arctic Circle. Problem is, we do not know which is a better choice. Any advice? (Note: the check indicates a port visited on the itinerary by that line. TIA! ***************************************************************************** Ports Princess NCL Alesund √ √ Olden
  13. Has anyone used TJ Travels for their excursions in St. Petersburg and other Baltic ports? Looking for insight before I book them. Thanks!
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