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  1. Oooh interesting - thanks! Is this a one time thing per device?
  2. Are there internet options on Explorer of the Seas that aren't paying $$$ for all week wifi access for our devices? Does the ship still have an internet cafe? I'd love to check my email once or twice, but on our last day (sea day) I need to check in for our flight. I do see one on the floor plans but I also know that the internet can be wrong, hoping someone recently on board can answer. Thanks for any suggestions!
  3. Trying to catch up on everything that has changed since our last cruise. My husband I have been on 7 or 8 RC cruises but only 1 with 1 kid, and now we have 2. We decided to take a random cruise in November on Explorer of the Seas with a deal we couldn't pass up, and I'm excited but feeling overwhelmed by all the changes! I have the app. I know we have to pick a boarding time so many days before. We're all vaxxed so no testing to worry about now. Can we still get paper schedules for the next day? We used to withdraw cash on board without a fee, for the casino and tipping. My boys will probably prefer the buffet but I want the main dining room experience a few times. I'm working on booking excursions (we always did our own thing based on excellent advice from here BC). Any other suggestions or obvious things I should know or be doing? Any other major changes to the cruising experience? Thanks for any help! I have only received one payment confirmation email from RCI but no other email communication of any kind, is that normal?
  4. Thanks, that is helpful. I didn't know if it ever went on BOGO or other sale. We are going in November on Explorer, but apparently one of the big ships will also be at Coco Cay the same day (maybe Oasis?) I should have bought it at the 10% discount apparently, but I'll keep an eye on it over the weekend. Thanks for the response!
  5. Hi - we booked kinda last minute and are trying to figure out excursions. Do prices ever drop for the water park day pass? I have boys that will make life miserable if we don't do the water park that day... but $90 a person is wildly expensive! I know it's variable pricing, so wondering if there are any sales expected in the next two months or if I should just bite the bullet. Thanks for any suggestions!
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