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  1. We are cruising venezia March 2024 and staying at port imperial at the envue. We plan on parking at the hotel garage and taking the ferry over. Then we will walk up to the cruise terminal. The cost of parking is about half the price and we can enjoy a night on The Hudson River enjoying the beautiful view. My only concern is that the weather could be bad as it will be end of march and could make our walk a little harder. But for the savings and being from Canada we can deal with a little cold weather.
  2. Well I definitely think staying and parking at the ferry terminal in Weehawken is what we will do. Just wondering if the weather is not so great can you get a cab when you get off ferry instead of walking to the cruise terminal?
  3. Hi lx200gps Is the parking at the ferry terminal covered?
  4. We have looked at this hotel and also parking at the ferry terminal.The reason I am now hesitant is that we were originally cruising in October but had to change plans to cruise in March just a bit concerned about the walk with all MY luggage if weather is bad. The parking at the cruise terminal is expensive!! I have not read much on these boards about the parking at Weehawken. I am going to look into this option. Thank you for the information, is greatly appreciated
  5. We are cruising on Venezia from the Manhattan cruise terminal. We are driving down from Canada and going to spend a few days pre cruise in NJ. Then morning of cruise drive over and park at terminal. I see that parking at terminal is a bit more expensive however it is very convenient for coming home, no waiting around.We are looking at the envue or Sheraton Lincoln harbor. Just wondering what others have thought of these hotels?also best route for getting to cruise terminal on a Monday morning. Thanks for all the help.
  6. Thank you to all of you for your help. Yes we are planning to map out our route on google. We will not be taking the thruway the entire way. Looking at going via Binghamton and scranton ,PA. Many thanks all your help is appreciated
  7. Thank you very much for all your suggestions. We are sailing from the Manhattan cruise terminal. Also we are coming from the Niagara Falls area of Canada so coming down the New York Thruway. This is our first time driving to a port. Always fly and sail from Florida locations.
  8. I am wondering if anyone has hotel recommendations. Would like to stay about an hour from Port and drive in and park day of cruise .
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