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  1. I filled in a medical form during check in, no other email found regarding medical questionnaire. I have been given an arrival time, so im hoping its just a glitch and they can email us the boarding pass.
  2. Thanks, but it is still empty. We will keep trying to speak to costa in the morning. The check in is ticked green but Embarkation has nothing ticked. I also allowed pop up on my setting. Nothing changed.
  3. Me and my friend had booked our first cruise, last minute on 2n November for 16th November. We did the online check in a few days after, and received an email which we originally thought was the cruise ticket. But looking back, the "Embarkation Documentations" and "Ticket" does not work on the website, despite receiving cruise confirmation and cabin number by email. We have been trying to get a hold of costa, but seeing how close to departure we are, how likely is it we will not be allowed to board?
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