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  1. You look beautiful and I continue to be amazed at your sewing skills. I can make an apron!!- not that there is anything wrong with that!!
  2. Thanks Coral We enjoyed our Uniworld Rhine cruise and appreciated not having to think about the gratuities or anything else. This was very relaxing having that all included. I'd like to try a Tauck or Crystal river cruise and would certainly go back to Uniworld. I'm collecting brochures now!
  3. Hi Coral I'm looking for a Danube river cruise for 2020 - and I value your opinion. How was AMA more $$ than Crystal? I find it so challenging to compare some of these cruises because they all have different levels of "inclusiveness"!! Thanks
  4. They might have Sunday hours - I don't remember but the owner - Steve and everyone there has always been extremely helpful .
  5. I usually get insurance through tripinsurancestore - they are so helpful when trying to determine what insurance will work for your situation. Wishing you good health quickly.
  6. Hi acwmom I just saw that you are going on the Danube with AMA - when are you going because I would love to follow along if you are writing a review. We would like to sail on a Danube cruise and AMA has some great itineraries - so difficult to chose just one! Your review got us to Castles on the Rhine with Uniworld and it was a fabulous time. I was also wondering if AMA has a "sale season" like Uniworld does in Nov - Dec.
  7. We were on Uniworld Castles on the Rhine and were seated with a vegetarian couple and were chatting about the food. During the cruise Uniworld wanted to know how everyone was enjoying the cruise and if there were any questions or suggestion. The husband mentioned that the "veggie" options were a bit "meh" and from that night on the chef made a special, lovely vegetarian dinner for them. So if ask, you (hopefully) will receive!
  8. I am so amazed and impressed - big time - with your sewing. Your clothes are beautiful.
  9. This is so funny - the Almond croissants on the Crown Princess were incredible - and I ate one everyday. The Almond croissants on the Sapphire - well I was looking at them but not eating - ick!!!! The Celebrity pastries look delicious.
  10. Another idea is one of those polar fleece headbands - they're very light too and can be stuffed into a pocket.
  11. I like that you packed so much and it only weighs 18 pounds - great planning! I try to not bring a lot of shoes because they make luggage so heavy but I brought a very comfortable waterproof shoe - Teva arrowood and they came in very handy. we just returned from Norwegian Fjords and I have on suggestion. If you are going to the North Cape - Nordkapp (?) pack a light weight knit style hat that covers your ears. It's WINDY there and I was happy to have it. We had warm and rainy weather - many times on the same day!! Enjoy your cruise and your wonderful time with your Mom
  12. We're staying one extra night in Fort Lauderdale. Even with paying for a hotel for one night, we are saving close to a thousand dollars by flying the next day. When we booked our tickets the Dec. 1 tickets were at least $400.00 more per person😲
  13. Thank you so much once again John Bull. I'll take a look at Trip Advisor too. We do like local family run or chef owned places and have enjoyed some wonderful experiences over the years. Your help is always appreciated🙂
  14. I'm back with more questions about Portsmouths. What's to eat? Any interesting places for breakfast, lunch or dinner? We will be there 2 nights. We don't usually eat 3 big meals a day but I'm open to visiting a great place any time of day. John Bull - we really enjoyed your recommendations of Ennios and La Regatta in Southampton on our last visit.
  15. Thank you hallasm and kaisatsu for the very helpful information. Weather permitting, I would enjoy the walk up because I walk a lot but my husband might prefer the trek down - he'll make that decision and I will pre purchase the tickets. Sounds like pre purchasing the tickets is a big time saver. Thanks again - we are so lucky on cruise critic to have such helpful posters.
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