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  1. Thank you so much once again John Bull. I'll take a look at Trip Advisor too. We do like local family run or chef owned places and have enjoyed some wonderful experiences over the years. Your help is always appreciated🙂
  2. I'm back with more questions about Portsmouths. What's to eat? Any interesting places for breakfast, lunch or dinner? We will be there 2 nights. We don't usually eat 3 big meals a day but I'm open to visiting a great place any time of day. John Bull - we really enjoyed your recommendations of Ennios and La Regatta in Southampton on our last visit.
  3. Thank you hallasm and kaisatsu for the very helpful information. Weather permitting, I would enjoy the walk up because I walk a lot but my husband might prefer the trek down - he'll make that decision and I will pre purchase the tickets. Sounds like pre purchasing the tickets is a big time saver. Thanks again - we are so lucky on cruise critic to have such helpful posters.
  4. I was thinking of walking UP the funicular and then getting a one way ticket down. How strenuous is the walk up? I walk frequently so this isn't just a vacation exercise but would like and idea of what's involved. If we do the opposite and ride the funicular up, we could walk down. If a one-way ticket is pre-purchased online, does the ticket specify any direction or is it good going both ways. I wasn't planning on pre-purchase but have read about loooong lines so that may be the best way to go. We are in port from 7 am - 2 pm On another note for those that have been to Bergen, any delicious eating goodies I should be on the lookout for - after all that exercise I might need a delicious pastry and coffee! Thank you
  5. This is just a suggestion that I have started to do recently. Ive been packing my empty reusable water bottle - that keeps water really cold - then filling up and taking it along when I need it. The aluminum water bottles on Uniworld were not very efficient and leaked. However I really appreciate their effort to help reducing all the plastic waste. You could also fill from the carafes. I'm super fussy about water "taste" and the water was good. Enjoy your Rhine cruise - we loved it!!😊
  6. This was a wonderful cruise - Enjoy!!! There was so much to see we could probably do the same cruise again.
  7. A great place to gather info would be acwmom and jpalbny reviews of this cruise. This was our first river cruise and we just loved it. Thanks to acwmom we went on the Vinegar excursion and I'm kicking myself that I didn't get more of the amazing vinegars produced there - it was lots of fun As far as Alsatian Village or Colmar - either one would be fabulous - it's a case of I want to be in two places at one time! We did the Alsatian villages - and we were lucky to see some nesting storks in their 600 pound nests! During the entire cruise everyone seems to enjoy whatever excursion that was chosen. Don't miss out on the German themed lunch on the upper deck during the Rhine river gorge sail - the hot pretzels - yum!! Go early, there was limited seating.
  8. We had meals included in our land tour and I was very happy with that. The meals include an appetizer, main dish, and dessert. Most of the food was delicious and the portions were on the large side!!!! There was no going hungry and it couldn't have been easier. Just order, enjoy and sign your voucher - included the gratuities as well. One more thing to consider - having the meals in the lodges also gave us a chance to enjoy some Alaskan specialties such as halibut and alaskan salmon. The dinners were expensive!!!!!
  9. Thanks Gretchendz. I like to have everything in place!
  10. Yet another EZair question I just booked EZ air round trip - First flight American - Return Flight Virgin Atlantic. Seats were selected on American but on Virgin Atlantic - the entire cabin was "unavailable" We booked through a TA - who should be called with questions? The TA, Princess (for EZair question) or Virgin Atlantic. I don't have a lot of EZ air experience so thank you for any help.
  11. Good guess Pilot - we shall see! If we don't see any results SOON - I'm going to use your suggestion through the Princess website. We've been very patient but it's getting a bit thin. crows nest club - I like your idea of cashing out -once and done! I wish we did it for our last cruise - including a few spins in the casino - could be good luck.
  12. This "waiting" is sounding very familiar. We have been "waiting" for 6 months. The check was supposedly mailed a few weeks ago -(after being "overlooked") - and should have been received several days ago. My husband has a list of phone calls. Now a "cancel" the "mailed" check form has been submitted to Princess and a new check will be reissued. Anyone's guess how long this will take????
  13. Dinner was much better in the restaurant!! Music of Denali was fun (ok) but the dinner was meh. Enjoy your tour and cruise - it was fabulous!
  14. This is a great review. I hope you have many happy years of cruises and travel ahead of you. You have a lovely appreciation for these good times sometimes not apparent in very young people. Enjoy!!
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