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  1. I've been on many cruises but never a one nighter. How different is it in terms of entertainment, dinning, and activities, movies under the stars?
  2. I believe all ships travel west around Vancouver island. I also think that technically the inside passage doesn't start until you reach Alaska. I have taken 3 trips 2 on the Star and one on the Grand (I think it was awhile ago) to Alaska and all started out going west around Vancouver Is.
  3. My family of 4 just spent 4 days pre-cruise there in March. The pool area is nice we spent a good portion of each day there. The pool bar had good service and food. We ate breakfast at a place in a strip mall within walking distance called NY Marina Deli. The food was good and very reasonable. Regular breakfast items served on paper plates with plastic utensils. I had an omelet and fried potatoes, the rest of the family had French toast, both were very good. I went back later for a sandwich one day also really good. We did an Everglades tour to Ever
  4. Thanks again for the comments. We did have the old menu. It was an excellent cruise, and vacation! Still haven't quite got back to the reality of being home.
  5. Agreed! In the future I would either pay more for a mini suite or less for an inside. I have done inside cabins with 3 adults as well as with my family of 4 with no problems. But you can see from the pics the allure of a balcony is lost with the sleeping arrangements.
  6. Canada rocks and day dreamer you're welcome. The waiting is the hardest part! We were booked well over a year out for this cruise. Happy cruzer, I don't think I'm familiar with the Ruby menus, but ours had a Crown Grill insert. The always available was on the right side with the usual dishes, a different burger replaced the beef dish there. The left side had the daily menu. The always available shrimp cocktail had a pineapple salsa or something like that with it but you could ask for the regular cocktail sauce. There was the regular bread rolls and butter on the table that was the
  7. This is my first try at a trip report/review. The short version is. Great cruise, great ship, swim with dolphins, and never ever book 4 people in a balcony cabin! I’ve been on many Princess cruises and read many others reports and thought it time I share. Traveling with me were my wife and 2 boys, 9 and 11(we celebrated their birthdays on board), my older brother and his wife, and 2 of my nephews. All from the Seattle area. We were on the Crown Princess out of FLL. 10 day Eastern Caribbean Voyager, March 17-27. Ports visited were St. Kitts, Martinique, Barbados, Antigua, St. Th
  8. Something not mentioned is a few weeks before sailing call Princess and ask how many children are booked and they can tell you the numbers for each age group. Like everyone else our boys 9 and 11 both loved the club on the Crown.
  9. Cruised with our 2 boys when they were 1 and 3 and once with just our oldest when he was about 8mo. I was surprised how the crew treated them. The waiters, bar staff, room steward, even the musicians treated them fabulously. It never dawned on me that lot of them are missing their kids or young family members. Put a suit jacket and tie on a 2 year old and all of a sudden they are the talk of the town! We brought some small toys for them to play with at dinners and in the room. The kids menu worked great. The chicken strips are awesome. Order some for yourself, and try
  10. Yes we used a folding "umbrella" stroller. We took our full size stroller on our first cruise and it took up a TON of space even in our mini suite. The umbrella stroller was nice and compact. We used it every time we got off the ship. if they were not walking one was in the stroller and the other on our shoulders. It was nice to have off ship because one would always get tired or if we would need to hurry somewhere. We didn't use any car seats or other carriers. It sounds like you are in a mini suite. You will have plenty of room. Definitely email the dietary peop
  11. Hi, I've done this trip twice once with a 9 month old and then again with his brother when they were 1 and 3. First off the boys were treated fabulously by the crew! I was surprised how many would want to talk or interact with our kids. You tend to forget they have lives outside the ship and are missing their own families. The first time we had a mini suite and a crib. plenty of room for the 3 of us. We called Princess ahead of time and they arranged baby food for us. We were asked what he liked to eat and how much before the trip and on embarkation met with the Maître de
  12. Looking for an everglades air boat/alligator tour. Looking at Everglades Holiday Park they pick you up and return you to your hotel. Anybody done this or have recommendations?
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