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  1. US don't serve proper pints 😉 AFAIK a US pint is 16oz v 20oz for a UK pint. Neither of these options are offered on VV.
  2. We booked on that flight and were slightly wary about making it. Felt less stressed when speaking to other people on board who had flights booked for 11am! As it happened we were able to get breakfast, walk about 15 mins to the underground and comfortably be at the airport for before 9.30am ,so well in time. Think it was ship-to-airport in less than an hour. Bear in mind though that not evertything may go as smoothly - late arrival in port, train strikes/delays, etc. Our flights were booked on airmiles so easily changable until late notice, also travel insurance could have been used as a last resort.
  3. Anyone know if the credit aspect of this offer stacks with other promos? I have a MNVV credit and the current Black Friday promo offers an extra $300 of bar tab. Was wondering if I'd get both the $600 + $300 credit?
  4. I found beers particularly expensive on a recent cruise. Cheapest option was $6.60 ($6 plus VAT) for a small can - equated to well over £9 a pint, which is probably double the average bar price in the UK. A discount was offered for buying a bucket of beers at some bars. Granted a lot of this high cost will be offset by lots of free bar tabs going round but it hardly adheres to the fair drinks price ethos that VV claims to have.
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