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  1. Clarification for those that ask (wow, first off, sorry, I didn’t realize so many had commented already! I am new to this board and just assumed I guess that I would have gotten email notifications, so sorry, I didn’t mean to abandon you guys! we don’t have kids, not necessarely looking for “adult only”.
  2. Hello! I got word today that has led me to begin looking into cruising! Looking for suggestions about a cruise line. I have previously cruised with NCL (several years ago), loved it, but due to life, just have not been able to go again. Little about who will be traveling…. It will be myself (30YO at the time of planned cruise) as well as my mother (and my dad if he decides he wants to tag along…tbd). Neither of us are into the formal/fancy scene. No kids. Don’t want to spend an arm and a leg, but probably willing to spend more than the bare minimum as well. Will probably be interested in 1, maybe 2 excursions, but will mostly be on our own. Looking to sail probably late spring/early summer of 2024, but no exact month/dates in mind at this point Sailing in the Caribbean /somewhere warm (we are from WI/MN) Any ideas?
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