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  1. I've been buying La Blanca and Bleu Rod Beattie suits. They are made very well and don't seem to fade. Marshalls and TJ Maxx here in Florida carries a really good selection of suits and coverups.

    Living in Florida....I have many suits.  I do bring several when cruising. 


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  2. Sailed out of Ft. Lauderdale aboard Allure the end of May.  They were checking your check-in times.  People should adhere to the time and don't arrive earlier.  This makes check-in faster for everyone. They assign times for a reason. 


    We had the same when we sailed out of Port Canaveral in November on Indy.  There were so many people waiting outside and complaining because they arrived hours before they were requested to.  


    When you need to get thousands of people on a ship in a timely manner, they have to stagger.  Years ago this wasn't a problem because the ships carried fewer passengers. 


    We sailed on MSC in March.....they did not check times.  We waited for over 2 hours standing in line.  It was a horrible beginning. 

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  3. On 6/6/2022 at 11:59 AM, eabplus2 said:

    Thanks for the information. We are sailing on July 9th. We have MTD. What times are early and late dining?


    We sailed on May 28th and did have MTD.  We did make reservations each night that we planned on being there....6:30pm.  We did not find the "reservations" line to be bad.  When we came out.... the lines were.  That would have been around 8pm.  


    Also, I did not notice anyone coughing excessively on our sailing.  There were 6  of us.  No one got sick.  We did not mask.  We did avoid over crowded elevators.  However, that wasn't a problem.  So many elevators.  Most of the time it was just us!       Happy Sailing!!!!

  4. 14 hours ago, blueslily said:

    I have no issue with the terminal  testing. Depends how people manage their anxiety and worry. 

    I am ok with it too..... BUT I live 1 1/2hours  from the port.  If, for some odd chance, I test positive at the port after testing negative 2 days before, I turn around and drive home.  Think of those that are flying in.  That's a huge hassle and anxiety for those people.  I can understand that. 

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  5. 15 hours ago, Kmkub said:

    I was surprised not to see a thread on this, so if there is, please direct me to it.


    We are considering Harmony or Oasis, but the rules indicate that unvaxxed guests will have private time at venues. Is this true?

    Cruised in November.  There were areas where non-vaxxed were not permitted.  You get a bracelet. Didn't notice any area for unvaxxed only???

  6. On 11/2/2021 at 5:29 PM, Sam Ting said:

    I hope you can enjoy yourself on your cruise.  A few years ago we got shafted too, but I think it was NCL.  We ended up going on the cruise and not spending one cent extra. We had a wonderful time eating at the free restaurants and partaking in the free activities. We didn’t even give them our credit card when we boarded. Have a great trip!  Who needs their jewelry, perfume or play their ripoff bingo games anyway. 

    Hope you tipped your dining room waiters and cabin stewards.   It's not their fault. 

  7. 1 hour ago, swdke said:

    For those who might have recently returned from their cruise out of Fort Lauderdale or Miami, if you arrived Florida a few days early, were did you have your Covid test taken?  Thank you.

    Check Walgreens.  They test and are everywhere in Ft. Laud and Miami.  On their website put in the zip code where you will be staying, then you'll get the closest ones around you.  You can make an appt. 3 days out I believe. 


    The Ft. Lauderdale and Miami airport also do testing.  Their websites have the info.  But, I'd check on Walgreens first. 


  8. 3 hours ago, ziggyuk said:

    You can buy little plastic pouches to slip them in, it protects them but is not permanent.

    Available in all sizes on a well known auction site.

    We did buy them off of Amazon.  They are great and you are protecting the card and are able to take it out when needed. 


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  9. On 8/25/2021 at 4:18 PM, pattycake08 said:

    A great Big Thanks to Back-at-it (page 4 of this thread) for providing the link to the Keylion Vaccination Card Protectors (Amazon), I ordered a package on Monday & received it today. They are very thick plastic, very well made & fits the vaccination cards perfectly.  Thanks Again.

    I got those too.  They are great!

  10. On 8/16/2021 at 2:41 AM, 3kidsncats said:

    Too many.  I was at a vaccinated gathering in May, where another attendee blithely told me that her family was going on an RC cruise out of Florida for a week late summer. This was before the current sailings were announced.  She had ZERO clue the sailing could be cancelled (it was).  Utterly oblivious.  But I 1000% agree it's each person's responsibility to understand what current travel requirements are 


    I know people who say  "I'm going on a cruise!".   When I ask them the name of the ship.... they reply with "I don't know, but it goes to Mexico."   In my mind I'm thinking..... how can you not know??  Nothing amazed me anymore :-0

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  11. 2 minutes ago, alyssamma said:

    I did 🙂


    For 8/20 they are still testing at the pier. Believe me, I wish they weren't because I don't want to go down their and be positive.





    Please follow the below requirements to ensure you are not denied boarding:

    • MASK REQUIRED: You will be required to wear a mask throughout the terminal and during embarkation.  
    • PROOF OF CDC VACCINE CARD: You will be required to present your original CDC vaccination card at the pier upon embarkation. Photocopies or pictures of vaccination cards will not be accepted.  Guests will be considered fully vaccinated if they have received their second dose in a 2-dose series, such as the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines (or their single dose, such as the Johnson & Johnson vaccine) at least 14 days prior to the cruise.  Currently, the CDC does not recognize any mixed combination of COVID-19 vaccines as fully vaccinated. If you are unable or unwilling to show proof of vaccination, you must comply with the requirements for not fully vaccinated guests..
    • NEGATIVE TEST AT EMBARKATION: You will be required to take a rapid antigen test at the pier prior to embarkation (covered by MSC Cruises) and test negative. If you test positive, you will be denied boarding along with any/all not fully vaccinated members of your traveling party. If anyone in your traveling party is fully vaccinated, non-symptomatic and tests negative upon embarkation, they will be permitted to board. 
    • ASSIGNED ARRIVAL TIME: Your cruise ticket will include a set arrival time. Please follow the policy and arrive at your designated time, otherwise you may be asked to wait outside until your embarkation time. 

    Our information for 9/30 Divina 3night out of Canaveral says to bring proof of negative test with you. 

  12. 4 hours ago, phissy said:

    Thinking that the cut off date of Oct 31 will get pushed . Possible to end of year.

    Right now, they are giving it a couple months to see if they can get numbers under control.  
    For those planning on cruising this year, it seems that getting vaccinated will be a requirement.😷

    Not a problem!  Been vaccinated since April.  😊  Sailing on Divina in September. 

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  13. 1 hour ago, Debde said:

    Thank you. This is good. I thought they were still testing at the pier also. 

    I can't keep up with everything lately!!🥴

    I just found this out too.  We are sailing on Divina on Sept. 30th.  We are only 1 1/2 hours away from pier... but still concerned about the testing onsite.  I'm very happy they have changed the requirement.  We will test in the 3 day period prior to sailing and be good to go....hopefully!!!  I plan on really hunkering down the week prior and masking everywhere.  We live in FL 😞  and ARE vaccinated. Not everyone living here are ignoring what's going on 😉 

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  14. 13 hours ago, TNcruising02 said:

    Exactly.  The cruise lines are doing what they need to do to stay in business.  Testing before cruising makes sense and will weed out some people.  Even if they only weed out one person, that one person could have gone on to infect many on a plane, at the airport, and on the cruise ship.  The tests make sense as part of a larger plan with other protocols.  

    For people (like myself) who prefer to wait until later to cruise, they can get their cruises moved with no penalty.  I think the cruise lines are making the right decisions.  I think it is a bit selfish for unvaccinated people to cruise at this time.  The delta variant is raging and the cruise lines can't afford the exposure of mandatory testing before returning to the home port.  Those positive cases lead to a chain reaction. 


    I am waiting until 2022.  This year is madness and there are other ways to vacation.  Good luck to those who are cruising in the next few months.  I hope all goes well.

    Let's hope 2022 is better..... I thought 2021 would be.  

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  15. 3 hours ago, sverigecruiser said:


    We had a cruise booked for this summer but because the passengers had to wear a mask we changed it to next summer. If masks are still mandatory then we will cancel the cruise and loose our deposit.


    I see no reason to spend lots of money on a vacation I won't enjoy so as long as masks are required I'm out.

    I said the same thing a few months ago.  I totally understand your view.  But I changed my mind. 

    Not that I enjoyed wearing a mask shopping, at indoor restaurants or in the break room at work, but I haven’t had a cold or allergy issues all the months I masked up. When mask requirements were lifted…. I got a cold and allergies in full.   So I do think they are protective and I don’t see this virus disappearing soon. So… I choose to continue what I love doing in the safest way possible.  Life is short. 

    We are sailing Sept. 30 on Divina out of Port Canaveral. It’s 3nights, 2hours from my front door and my 55 birthday.   And we got a fantastic deal on 2 connected balcony cabins. 

    Seems like MSC is doing it right. I don’t think they will be canceling sailings as other lines are doing right now.  

    I have some very pretty masks I will be sporting (when required) 😷

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  16. 18 hours ago, Honey4BeaR said:

    DON't Book Royal Caribbean. They will screw with you reservations. They will not give you a refund. IF you do get any type of refund you must wait 45-65 days for a refund!!!!!!!!

    They put you on hold for hours, hang up on you and generally don't care about their guest. 

    I was on hold for 1 hour only to finally talk to someone who hung up on me 30 mins into trying to figure something out. 

    Got not phone call back. Called back myself waited 45 mins on hold and then the call disconnected. Asked me if I wanted to talk a customer survey and nothing. 

    Called back again call dropped but I could take the customer survey after 38 minutes. Finally called and they said they will give us a refund of some kind but it will take 45-65 days our trip was supposed to be for our 10 year anniversary and now we are robbed of this trip and the money. SO we have no money for our 10 year anniversary trip all because Royal Caribbean screwed us over. THANKS FOR NOTHING!!!! heartless company who won't help. 

    Very sorry you are having such a tough time!  I have found, through years of experience, that if you need to call any customer service line, do it when they first open in the morning.  I have actually set my alarm clock to get up and call early.  That being said..... I hope you can enjoy your anniversary some how.  Sorry that you had to cancel your cruise.  

  17. So..... I'll wear a mask on our upcoming 3night Divina cruise even though our family is vaccinated.   I'm not happy about it, but it's more important for me to cruise than worry about the mask.  And.... most of the time we will be outside or eating...(no mask)!   


    Just reading posts on the other cruise line boards of how many are coming back with positive cases is a bit nerve wracking. Particularly.... Carnival,  who has no mask requirements.  Although they are starting to now....surprise, surprise!


    So, I will mask up as needed and be quiet about it.... and enjoy my cruise 🙂 


    As they say..... This Too Shall Pass!

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  18. 3 minutes ago, sanger727 said:


    Where are you cruising out of and are you flying in a day early? Many airports have testing locations now for travelers. 

     Yes....or,  if you are leaving from South FL there are many CVS pharmacies or Walgreens.  CVS does rapid testing.  I would suggest you reserve a time now as it's getting a little crazy here with people getting tested.  You get the results back in about an hour via text or email. 

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