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  1. I've been buying La Blanca and Bleu Rod Beattie suits. They are made very well and don't seem to fade. Marshalls and TJ Maxx here in Florida carries a really good selection of suits and coverups. Living in Florida....I have many suits. I do bring several when cruising.
  2. For those of us that live in FL and often take advantage of a last minute 3 or 4 night deal…..we are very happy 😃!!
  3. Sailed out of Ft. Lauderdale aboard Allure the end of May. They were checking your check-in times. People should adhere to the time and don't arrive earlier. This makes check-in faster for everyone. They assign times for a reason. We had the same when we sailed out of Port Canaveral in November on Indy. There were so many people waiting outside and complaining because they arrived hours before they were requested to. When you need to get thousands of people on a ship in a timely manner, they have to stagger. Years ago this wasn't a problem because the ships carried fewer passengers. We sailed on MSC in March.....they did not check times. We waited for over 2 hours standing in line. It was a horrible beginning.
  4. We sailed on May 28th and did have MTD. We did make reservations each night that we planned on being there....6:30pm. We did not find the "reservations" line to be bad. When we came out.... the lines were. That would have been around 8pm. Also, I did not notice anyone coughing excessively on our sailing. There were 6 of us. No one got sick. We did not mask. We did avoid over crowded elevators. However, that wasn't a problem. So many elevators. Most of the time it was just us! Happy Sailing!!!!
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