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  1. Seriously? #1). I've been crusing for 15 years to Beliz, Cozumel, etc... and EVERY TIME I GO, I bring an old prescription bottle, buy my medications, put them in the bottle, and come right back. NOT ONCE, has ANYONE even CHECKED a bottle.... ESPECIALLY for what, 90 prescription pills, that are in a bottle with my name on them? Come on man... Stop loving life like a prude that has to follow all the rules. They arent even looking for small crap like that. They are looking for STREET DRUGS, WEAPONS, ETC. Hell, THEY SELL THE 50 FEET FROM THE CRUSIE SHIP #2). No one is going to dump out a bunch of pill bottles, ESPECIALLY if your NAME is on them, to check if the pills match the bottle. THEY SELL THE ***** IN THE PHARMACIES, NOT 50 STEPS FROM CARNIVAL SHIPS, AND HAVE BEEN FOR DECADES. #3). People, like myself, have been doing this for decades without issue. You sound like a prude. I'm sorry that some people like to live a little, instead of following every rule life has. That's no way to live. If you're living life as a prude, I feel bad for you. While you're living life like one big prude, I feel bad for you son, you got 99 rules, we ain't got none lol.
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