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    Bicycle Experience on Amadeus Cruises

    Yosemitegal....my daughter and I were on that trip too...and my daughter (20 yrs. old) did the bike trip with that group. Let's just say it was an "adventure" and it still makes for some great stories. Let me also say, that I was glad I backed out of that ride! :D Not sure how often they do that ride on the ship, but the "guide" from the ship got them lost and the trip took even longer than normal....plus they all got caught in torrential rains! Also, even tho the bikes looked good....if you are taking out a bike...make sure to check it out thoroughly BEFORE you head out! There were a couple on that trip that got stuck with bikes that were faulty (stuck in gears that made the trip difficult to say the least!). Having said all that...if you asked my daughter today she would tell you that bike riding adventure was one of the highlights of her trip!
  2. mcintyre9454

    Venice restaurants???

    Just wanted to thank everyone for their replies and recommendations so far. You have all given me some great restaurants to research further! Thanks again...and anyone else who has any suggestions...please feel free to add them here!
  3. mcintyre9454

    Venice restaurants???

    Hello all....we will be overnighting in Venice on a Royal Caribbean cruise in November. WE are really looking forward to actually being in port overnight, and would like to take advantage of the opportunity to have dinner at a very nice Venetian restaurant. Preferably something not geared to tourists....but something very authentic that the locals frequent. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you in advance!
  4. I wish we would have booked more time both in the pre and post cruise cities we were in. But alas, work vacation time limited us on that!
  5. mcintyre9454

    hydrofoils from Naples to Capri

    Krazy...how LONG of a ride is it?
  6. Can anyone tell me how long of a ride it is on a hydrofoil from the docks in Naple to Capri? Also, is it a fairly smooth ride, or bumpy? I'm asking because we were wondering if people tend to get sea sick on this type of ride? Thanks for any feedback and experiences.
  7. Hi....has anyone had experience and/or feedback on a guide named Isoline from REvelation Tours? Unforutunately, Michel Legrand is already booked for our date...and has told us Isoline is available. Any feedback most welcomed! Thank you!
  8. mcintyre9454

    Amadeus vs Viking

    Alice, Yes, the bikes were used. My daughter was with a group that biked from one port town to the next actually (about 21 miles). We had so much rain during our trip, unfortunately. I signed up to go biking with the group, but backed out at the last minute due to the weather. I haven't written a review....but if you have any questions, I'd be glad to answer!
  9. mcintyre9454

    Amadeus vs Viking

    Food is such a subjective subject. I just returned from Amadeus' European Heartland cruise and I personally thought the food was pretty darn good! In addition, the service and the presentation were excellent too. The only downside was that the portion sizes were so small. Fine for me, but if I had a bigger appetite I would be ordering a second helping (which is perfectly acceptable, as I saw it being done on the cruise). Like a previous poster said, usually a choice of three different appetizers/salads, entrees and desserts...plus standby items available every night. I know that "I" did not personally hear anyone complaining about the food while on this particular cruise. Bon appetit!