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  1. The bookings were linked in my reservation online. This is my 15th cruise and we never had an issue before with having the same table assignment.
  2. Recent cruise on the Sunrise out of NYC
  3. I would call to confirm - we were on the Sunrise 8/27 and here's what happened to us - (from my review) - After lunch I noticed that we had 3 separate tables for the 8:15 dinner service on our Sail and Sign cards! Our reservations were linked together online and I assumed our dinner seating would automatically be linked like it has in the past when we traveled with others. I immediately went to the dining room and the maitre 'd was not there so we spoke with the girl there who said it was impossible to change for the first night and they might be able to change it the next day. She said
  4. We were in cabin 8210 on the Pride over Thanksgiving week. We could hear what sounded like thunder now and then and that was it for noise. Found out it was when they rolled carts through the buffet area. Didn't bother us in the least. I liked the convenience of running up one deck to grab something and bring it back to the cabin.
  5. We were on the Sunrise last week. We asked for morning and evening service because I wanted ice twice a day and I always like coming back to the cabin at the end of the night to see the bed turned down, lights on low. We got our towel animals in the morning and funny thing is, they lived longer when we got them at night! I would put them on a shelf and they would survive for days, but for some reason when we get them in the morning they didn't survive the day, not sure why! I shower twice a day so it is nice to have the bathroom tidied up. I, too remember the twice a day service without a
  6. My son and his wife are on the Sunrise now and just called from Puerto Rico. They said there are very few kids (what a difference a week makes!) and they are having a wonderful time. Beautiful weather, great food and shows. The Lido deck is crowded but it's not an issue. So glad to hear from them that they are having a great trip so far!
  7. Our table for 8 was all the way aft on our Thanksgiving cruise...it was laughable how much it vibrated. We asked to be moved the 3rd night.
  8. I always take the cans out of the carton and put them inside a jumbo zip lock bag and put them in the rolling carry on. NYC didn't even bat an eyelash when they went through the scanner, with 2 bottles of wine. Baltimore and Boston made me take them out of the carry on and show them what they were.
  9. We always cruise September/October/November but the only itinerary's were to Bermuda and NE/Canada, except this week, but we had a wedding yesterday and the Patriots (season ticket holders) opening game today! My son and his wife are on the Sunrise right now, can't wait to hear what they say. So, the only option was last week and I was hoping because Labor Day was in the middle of the week there wouldn't be so many kids...boy, was I wrong!
  10. There were 5 of us on this cruise, all of us in our 60's, 2 first time cruisers and 3 experienced cruisers. My husband and I and been on 6 Carnival cruises - 4 Royal Caribbean and 5 Norwegian cruises. Traveling with us was my sister in one cabin and (first time cruisers), long time friends in another. We parked at the pier, $320 for 8 nights, split 3 ways isn't bad-we traveled together in one vehicle. Embarkation took maybe an hour from start to finish. Relatively simple. On board by noon, headed to Lido for our first Guy's Burger. After lunch I noticed that we had 3 separat
  11. No need to IF you just walk up to the check in desk and give them the cabin numbers. On the HUB app, all of our names appeared when I checked in using the app after the first day.
  12. No, I did not call Carnival to link the reservations as I never had to before. I wish they would have an option online to put in your dining table preference right next to the time you select. I've learned my lesson and will call from now on! I always go to the dining room on embarkation day to check out our table and once or twice out of 15 cruises did we ask for a change and it was done with no problem. All of us thought this maitre 'd was very rude-only member of the crew that we encountered that was unpleasant. We had Ken, the singing maitre 'd on the Pride in November and
  13. Just off the Sunrise yesterday. We booked 3 cabins online, all linked together. After we checked in, I looked at everyone's card and we had 3 separate tables, all at 8:15 (never had this issue before, we were always seated together). I immediately went to the dining room upon boarding and the maitre d was not there so we spoke with the girl who was there, she said we had - 2 at a table for 2, 2 at a table for 10 and my sister all alone at a large table and that it was impossible to change for the first night but they might be able to change it the next day. She said the maitre d would be
  14. Just got off the Sunrise and have to say it would be my last choice. The crew was amazing, the food in the main dining room was, in our opinion, the best we've ever had on a cruise. The passengers were friendly for the most part. But the buffet and lido deck are absolutely awful. Packed with people, the music was too loud, the pathways to the buffet from the pool area are ridiculous! Lines for everything up there. We ended up eating breakfast/brunch 7 out of 8 mornings and 6 out of 8 nights in the dining room (DH loves a buffet but not this one, he was disappointed). Excellent service a
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