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  1. Can a prepaid credit card be used to purchase this?
  2. I would just like maybe a banner and a couple balloons. I know about nonflammable, I think that is what I am having a difficult time with.
  3. We are cruising on my 4 year old’s birthday. I’ve never really cared to decorate a room before. What are the guidelines for light decorating? I have looked on Carnival, but still not sure. Any tips for birthday celebration is appreciated. Thanks!
  4. I have not sailed since pre-COVID. I am assuming they still have self serve laundry? Prior it was quarters. Does it still work that way? We will be sailing on the Vista. I know my child will need his clothes washed.🤣
  5. Hi! We will be sailing on the Carnival Vista in two weeks. My son drinks lactose free milk. Do you know if they carry it? If not, do I need to call special services to attempt to bring it on? Thanks
  6. Oh, completely! I don’t make a separate meal for him. I just wanted to know what they offered.
  7. We are traveling on the Carnival Vista with our 4 year old. Is there a set kids’ menu or does it change nightly? Would you happen to know it? Thanks!
  8. I have visited the ruins before. However, my parents have not. My child is an excellent climber, but would never be put in harms way. Look like you had a great trip.☺️
  9. Well he has to do something that his 70ish year old grandparents want to do. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  10. Would you mind sharing the one you use? Thank you for the idea.
  11. Completely forgot about it being a tender port. Thank you for the reminder. I’m not sure what we might do.
  12. I will be traveling with my four year old. Have anyone been on this excursion? I am concerned about my 4 year old traveling without a car seat. Can anybody tell me about this excursion and set up? Thanks. I haven’t sailed since before child.
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