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    Kids in Lounges??

    Thank you for your responses, I thought I might open a can of worms with that question!:) We certainly use our discretion, but was curious if the entertainment was offered to the kids in the lounge and night clubs as it was on Disney. We would never take them to a lounge or night club if the entertainment was not geared towards them. I didn't expect RCI to really focus on entertaining children everywhere, but thought I would ask. On the Disney cruises it was all about the kids, all the time! We really had fun in the late afternoon, early evening at family trivia nights, disney song trivia, 60's, 70's and 80's theme dance nights and the "Golden Mickey's" which were held in the lounges and night clubs with full family participation and a "family dance" atmosphere. Thank you for not pouncing on me for dragging kids around to where they don't belong!:eek: Melanie
  2. We are two couples travelling on Radiance of the Seas with our 7, 9, 11 and 15 year olds. We were wondering whether kids are allowed in any of the lounges or clubs in RCL. The only other cruise we have taken is Disney Magic and there the kids were welcome in all lounges and in some night clubs til certain times. We had a great time as the kids danced in the night clubs, and in the lounges they often had music entertainment and the staff would interact with the children by having sing alongs, or dancing games. Does anyone know if the same kind of regulations apply on RCL? Thank You!
  3. We are going on our second cruise (first one Disney Magic) on the Radiance of the Seas to Alaska on August 19. Our last cruise I found all the spa & hair appts hard to get, does anyone know if RCI allows advance bookings for the spa, or do you book once you get on the boat? Same with personal trainer if anyone knows??? Thank You!
  4. holidaykid

    Fishing Charter recommendation Seward?

    We want to book a halibut fishing charter out of Seward. Anybody got any referrals??
  5. holidaykid

    Where should we go fishing in August?

    My husband really really wants to go fishing while on our Alaska cruise August 19-26. We stop in Juneau, Skagway, Icy Point and Seward (final destination). I really really don't want to go fishing, would rather go on other day excursions with our kids (6 & 9) during our cruise, and maybe leave the fishing til we are off the boat at Seward. Does anyone know if Seward has good fishing and what type of fish there would be in August (salmon, halibut??) Is Juneau or Skagway a way better place to fish (if they are I will have to consider surrendering!) Also if there is in Seward we would be willing to charter a boat for the day as we are travelling with friends, if anyone has any recommendations. Thanks for the help!