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  1. I'm looking for information on cruising solo as a 67yo fella. At times I might bring friends or family with me, but I will travel solo most of the time. Any information on tips or tricks travelling solo are welcome. Thanks in advance....Jim
  2. That sounds great. I imagined singles had to eat in the bowels of the ship, with shanghaied crew members!😉
  3. JB... It's my understanding if you decide to walk from Oregon to Europe the chances of you getting wet are pretty high. 🙂 Thanks everyone for the information. I have so much to research. There is one other question based on scuttlebutt I've heard about world travel. Is an American better off to travel on a Canadian passport and is it better to tell most strangers that you are Canadian? If so, I'm a bit confused. I understand there is a perception of the "Ugly American." While I am American and probably ugly to most, I think I'm very kind to people. If the question offends anyone, it was not meant to. I apologize in advance (see, I'm a nice person). 🙂
  4. You are all so helpful. It's time for a little honesty on my part. The reason these out of the box ideas are so great is because I want to see the world, but I don't fly. Is it because I think airplanes are dangerous? Absolutely not. If I thought they were, I never would have put my kids on flights all across the U.S. This is a phobia that goes back to my childhood. There. Now you know my motive in using unconventional means to see the world. This is embarrassing to me, although I'm pretty sure most people have an irrational fear of something. So, cruises, are a means of getting to see the world and not necessarily my main focal point. I can take or leave luxury amenities, but getting to the places I want to go is the main reason I'm focusing on cruises. There you have it. My true reason for joining a forum for cruise ships. Feel free to make fun of me. I'm a big boy and I can take it. 😉
  5. Good advice. I plan on doing a quick Seattle thru the San Juan islands first. I can see what I like and dislike about cruising, without commiting to a long open ocean voyage.
  6. No cruise experience, unless you count a three-hour tour on a Columbia River Sternwheeler. Three-hour tour? That reminds me of something. 🙂 I'll look for that sub forum. What a cool and unique idea to travel on cargo ships. Dang, that sounds like a ton of fun. I'm definitely checking into that. Unconventional way to travel, for an unconventional guy. I wouldn't miss the entertainment or luxury of a cruise ship. Just let me eat, sleep, and do some sightseeing and I'm one happy camper. First day on this forum and you've given me a fantastic idea! When I think of traveling on a cargo ship, I always equated that with getting shanghaied in San Francisco. 🙂 Thank you very much! Great idea!!!! Jim
  7. Thanks for that info. I suppose I can bring one of my kids with me to solve the double-booking issue, or just pay for two people, even though I'd be alone. The only thing is that any of my kids would make me pay for both of us anyway. 🙂 It would be nice to find a likeminded person that could work out cabin sharing. I sleep at night, maybe someone else is a day sleeper. That way each person could get undisturbed sleep. If both people were out of the cabin for 12 hours at different times of day, that might work. Of course, you'd need to find someone that doesn't drive you nuts (if they exist) :) I don't have a problem with doing certain things together with someone, I just don't want to do everything together with a cabin mate.
  8. I'm a single 67 year old male that is trying to plan for extensive cruise ship living to travel the world. I'd like to set sail within 5 years (maybe sooner).Most trips are based on double booking, but I plan to go it alone. Is there any trick to getting around this (or making the best of it)? If I'm alone, will I always feel like the odd man out?I plan on doing a trip of about one-year in duration. Is it best to book something like this with a group of like minded seniors? For example with a tour guided trip itinerary.I could really benefit from the experiences of seasoned cruisers. Thanks in advance for any tips or tricks.Jim
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