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    Best Snorkeling

    First time in St. Maarten and were looking for the best snorkeling beaches,any ideas?
  2. preciouskelly

    Just back Dawn 2nighter

    Hey Paula, Thanks for the help on the few items we needed, we had a blast. Nobody else got sick, just the big guy that did the worm for your team. Signed, A man with a thong on his head;)
  3. preciouskelly

    Just back Dawn 2nighter

    I must have been so busy leading my team to victory that I missed that eye candy! How about the hot English cruise director? Union Jack all the way, Baby!
  4. preciouskelly

    Just back Dawn 2nighter

    Since I have been reading all about " The Quest", I just wanted to let you know that our group #1 came in First Place this year!! Our Quest was to win the Quest. Last year we were on board the Dawn for the one night dinner cruise and it was our first taste of this wacky event. We were in a total frenzy last year playing this game. Dressing up our male friends in our clothes, barking like a dog, showing tan lines and piercings. I was sitting sans panties for a good part of the show! This year we came prepared to win! For those of you who were there, I'm sure you wondered how did I manage to get to the stage so soon? The answer was the desire to win the coveted Tee Shirt! Oh it may only be a white cotton tee to most people but to team #1 it meant victory. So we jumped, we ran, we stole from other teams, we barked, we wormed and we de-pants our way to first place and into The Quest History Books. I for one had more fun on this cruise then the past 11 that I have traveled with this great group of Quest Seekers! Even as one of our team members had to be taken off the ship via wheelchair because of the virus, we held our heads up high because we did all of this crazy stuff for THE TEAM AND A NCL TEE SHIRT! ;)
  5. preciouskelly

    Norman Island

    Anybody know how long the ride is( by water) to Norman Island from the cruise ship dock?
  6. preciouskelly

    Norman Island

    Going out with Patouche on their Catamaran, Thanks Pyrate13 :D Just looking for a rough idea........