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  1. thankyou, great tip about the wikivoyage! will definatley do this, iv been to barcelona twice, but never from a cruise port, so will be using the shuttle bus for sure, not willing to pay for over priced excursione either! especially with a 17 year old who would probably moan all day anyway ha ha, thanks again
  2. Thankyou very much, yes I know what you mean about not really seeing the best of the city.... it boils down to money as well , but greatful for you're input
  3. New cruiser here, currently booked on a costa cruise, stopping at Savona, Marseilles, Barcelona, Ibiza and Palermo, having watched tons of videos on everything i need to know im still struggling with a few specific things, I think ive decided to not book ship tours but to wing it myself and maybe just do short visits instead, so does costa cruises have shuttle buses from the terminal into city centre? Im trying to suss out whether i can just get shuttle bus into town, then get the same bus back, or is that too simple🤣 the costa app doesnt seem to to tell me, any info or tips gladly received, TIA
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