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  1. Hi We are first time cruisers and looking to take our parents on a Norwegian fjords cruise with Msc next year. They are non uk residents ( Indian citizenship) aged 66 and 74 years . We are bit confused and a little struggling with cruise travel insurance for them and would like to have some guidance on the following information:- 1)Having enquired about cruise insurance from india, unfortunately they don’t cover medical evacuations. Has Anyone who has been on cruise in similar situation give suggestions of how they worked with this component. 2) We were asked by Indian insurance agent to check with cruise line and have emailed MSC to enquire about travel insurance for non uk resident. Still waiting for their reply, but in the meantime would like to know if they do non uk resident comprehensive cover ? And any reviews on it ,please ? 3) As an alternative option contacted Virgin voyages, and they said that citizenship doesn’t matter and they can cover my parents. Any views or experience with them will be greatly appreciated . Parents are really keen to do a cruise so looking for any suggestions or experience that will help . Thanks in advance
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