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  1. I'd like to know what I got for the $25 fee too! The cruise rate was the exact same as I found on VV website myself with the same Bar Tab and no additional On Board Credits!! Like I said I used AA to get the bonus miles and I did shop around for that deal first.
  2. I booked my VV cruise in December thru an American Airlines Cruises agent for the bonus AA miles and she charged me an extra $24.99 agents fee. It's a seperate line item on my credit card as payment to American Airlines from payment to Virgin Cruises and payment for insurance. I booked my flight seperately myself. Is this normal? Don't think I've ever seen this...I mean she did mention it and at the time I just hurridly said ok after being on the booking call forever. 😕❓️
  3. Why is Sun Club Cafe (the one with poke bowls) not listed on VV website in the dining descriptions? Is it still there on deck 16 by Richard's Rooftop on Scarlet Lady? This info is from another website...
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