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    Any Cunarders sail Royal Caribbean?

    Agreed. I have cruised multiple times on Carnival Pride and RCI's Grandeur of the Seas. I see no major differences in them.
  2. Carol, You've convinced me not to try to arrive on Amtrak the date of departure. Maybe you can help me with another alternative I'm considering. I can stay at the Navy Lodge on Staten Island the night before departure. How expensive should it be to get from NYP (or some closer Amtrak station) to the Navy Lodge then from there to the Brooklyn cruise terminal and finally from the cruise terminal back to the Amtrak station? I figure parking at the terminal for a 13-night cruise will cost $283.00. If taxis or Uber would cost anywhere near that, I may just drive up from Washington, DC. Are there any other less expensive safe parking options anywhere near the terminal? Thanks for your help.
  3. I'm looking at taking Amtrak to New York Penn Station on Sunday, November 25th to take the QM2 out of Brooklyn, departing at 5:00 p.m. What is the latest I can arrive at NYP to get to the cruise terminal in time? Should I take a taxi or Uber/Lyft, or something else from the train station to the cruise terminal? Thanks for your help.
  4. davidhurt

    entertainment in the theatre on qm2

    Apparently the speakers have it better than the bridge instructors. I talked to a couple last year who said that had to get from their home in Arkansas to the ship in New York at their own expense and then had to get back home from Southampton at their own expense. I don't know what type of cabin they got but that's all they got (including everything that comes with a cabin). I don't understand why they agreed to that. I would have at least wanted to come back to New York on the ship.
  5. Your review is great! I think the Lado Strings duo may have been on your cruise, and they may still be on the Millennium next week. If I'm right, would you include your thoughts about them in your review? Also, if they are still on there next week, would you tell them that Sheilah & David say "Hello"? Thanks.
  6. davidhurt

    Summit Drydock Question

    I understand the need for the occasional unscheduled dry dock for emergency repairs, but renovations should be scheduled in advance, in my opinion. I would be extremely annoyed if my cruise were canceled due to unscheduled renovations. I feel the same way about charters. They too should be scheduled in advance and not disrupt previously booked cruises. Having vented, I feel better now even though I know nothing will change as a result. I'm sure the cruise lines consider customer anger in making their decisions.
  7. Remember to check out the Lado Strings Duo. They take requests. They'll even do Chicken Dance if you ask. You should. You'll be glad you did.
  8. davidhurt

    back of the boat on Millennium

    Yes, Lado Strings are entertainment onboard Millie. I highly recommend you make a point of listening to them at least once. I'd also like to hear your opinion of them. They are very friendly so, if you speak with them, please tell them David & Sheilah say hello. Thanks.
  9. davidhurt

    back of the boat on Millennium

    Be sure to check out the Lado Strings Duo and please report your thoughts on them. Also, please tell them that Sheilah and David say "Hello". Thanks.
  10. davidhurt

    Not exactly what I bargained for

    I hope your shore excursion to Miami is free. If not, why can't they let you stay on the ship from Fort Lauderdale to Miami, especially if you are willing to do without any guest services during that time?
  11. Are you still on the Millenium? Have you had a chance to check out the Lado Strings Duo? If so, what do you think about them? If you get a chance, would you tell them that Sheilah & David say "Hello"? Thanks.
  12. Sometimes a particular laundry room may be out of soap. So, that may explain why a passenger took some of the soap. It is quicker to resort to that type of self-help than to call and wait for additional soap to be delivered. I don't recall the soap having any particular scent. And yes, there are rude passengers who leave their laundry in the machines for hours.
  13. davidhurt

    Question about day in NYC on QM2 round trip

    I recommend you post your question on the CAPE LIBERTY 411 (and NYC too) Version 4!! board under North American Homeports >East Coast Departures. 138east, who posts on there regularly, seems to know everything, and I mean everything, about getting around New York City.
  14. davidhurt

    Summit Bermuda ?

    My understanding is that how the ship docks depends on the forecasted conditions for the time of departure.
  15. davidhurt

    Just back 4/22 Summit

    This sounds like a great idea to me. I never saw anybody dressed like that in the dining room, but, even though it may violate the literal rules, I would think you could get special dispensation to allow it, especially if the shorts are Bermuda shorts.