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  1. There are other reasons for cough and /or congestion. My husband has allergies and is always sneezing it having to blow his nose. I have had a cough for years (made worse by a mask) for other reasons. Neither of us have ever been quarantined to our cabin before because there was no need to. After 40 years of cruising, I don't plan on allowing that to happen now because someone thinks I should be.
  2. Our Baltic cruise scheduled for May was cancelled yesterday. We only have $200 Future Cruise Deposit in it, so the money is no big deal. They want us to rebook another cruise out of Southampton (we were booked out of Copenhagen), and pay an additional $3500 because it is three days longer, or another date out of Copenhagen with an additional $1200. Sure, we'd get $400 OBC, but we're already getting that. I don't think we will rebook. We're not going to wear a mask on a cruise ship, or be herded around doing ship excursions. Maybe if things change in the future we'll come back to cruising.
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