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  1. then the other question is how do you make the full payment. Again we still trying to decide if we will be able to go through with the cruise. Sadly, as always a lot of small things are waiting to be finished. There doesn't seem to be an option on the website to finish a payment or to pay for the cruise even though we got a request for the rest of the payment with no information.
  2. Hello, we aren't 100 percent sure still we need to cancel or not. There are some difficulties that we are currently facing and hopefully it will work out. However In case we do need to cancel a cruise how does it work? We only paid a 100 Euro deposit in September and are set to sail on the 23 of November. If we cancel the cruise 30 days before the sailing do we somehow need to pay half of the cruise cost? How would they charge us the missing money? Additionally, how do you even pay for the cruise. Since we only paid 100 Euro deposit, there doesnt seem to be a place to pay the remaining balance anyway.
  3. Hello, how strict is the dress code on the Costa Fascinosa on a transatlantic trip. My partner is rather uncomfortable with dressing up too much. I know that we can probably eat at the buffet, if we are not able to enter the MDR.
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