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  1. Her name is Booty and we were lucky to get her as a rescue. Australian Cattle Dog Blue Healer Border Collie
  2. The hospital where I go for my chemo-therapy has volunteers who bring specially trained puppies or small dogs and they visit the Doctor's offices and infusion centers. A fantastic thing for these volunteers to do...
  3. An article on this in this morning's Daytona Beach News-Journal is worth reading. http://www.news-journalonline.com/news/20180819/service-dogs-dilemma-loads-of-fakes-detrimental-to-legitimate-helper-animals
  4. NO! My Wife's Service dog is a mix of three breeds.
  5. Only dogs and mini horses are recognized by the ADA as trainable as service animals.
  6. I suspect that a lot of the people who get sick on cruise ships already had the sickness when they boarded.
  7. Trainman-2

    RC Food Quality

    RCI Food is always better than School Cafeteria or US Army food! We have never had a problem finding something to eat which we enjoyed in either the MDR or the Windjammer.
  8. Trainman-2

    Mobility iIssues

    We recommend the Drive "Nitro" rollators. In the photo I have the "big guy" version and my wife has the regular size. You can see in this photo that they fold up almost flat and don't take up much room in the car or the cabin. (Yes, they are both in there) We use them to walk along the pier and take sit down breaks when we get tired. Because they fold up nicely we never have a problem getting a taxi that can carry us and the two rollators. They are a bit "pricey" and there are plenty of cheaper rollators around but the "you get what you pay for rules applies here."
  9. Trainman-2

    Is it cold on the harmony?

    Except for the MDR, I lived in shorts and a tee shirt. My wife always had a sweater to wear inside the MDR and Windjammer.
  10. We had to cancel this cruise at the last minute as I was diagnosed with Anal Cancel and started Chemo and Radiation treatments as you were boarding. But we have it booked again for 2018 and we are both looking forward to it.
  11. One of my favorite videos... B-yrsXsJmbw
  12. Trainman-2

    Chefs Table Worth It?

    It is an experience that everyone should do at least once. It takes a long time and involves a lot of wine drinking.
  13. Trainman-2

    Regular Coke With Lime

    Wonderland it fantastic! You will enjoy it!
  14. Harmony has more activities for kids than any other RCI ship I have sailed on.