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  1. I was on the April 5th Pursuit out of Miami and it was the first to be canceled. As soon as the link was on Azamara website, I put in my request for a refund. On May 2nd I received the ChoiceAir and taxes refund. The cruise ticket was short $715. I called them last Thursday and they had the total right but could not tell me where the $715 was. I called today and it is coming but probably in 2 installments. They only process refunds on Sunday night, so need to wait until next week to see.
  2. As a follow up. All the issues have been resolved when you get to the right people. I now have 2 clocks. 🙂 What I thought was fair, with the 6 free days issue, the clock and the pillows. All resolved. There need to be more senior staff who care about your repeat business.
  3. My TA was involved with the free nights to no avail. But I did get a relatively generous refundable SBC. Plus I did get the $300 for booking on board. I know clockgate is a nonsense problem in the overall scheme of things. In the future I will bring my own. I was also on the b2b norway cruise, with the discount. I had at one point booked it with my six free nights but could not pull the trigger on spending that money with a 200% single supplement, so canceled. Then the promo from a TA can out and jumped on that with a balcony. Now they are not giving me single points for those 30 days. Will see if I get those points back.
  4. Thanks for understanding the real issue is the free nights and their response. For some reason with all the time changes my android is not always accurate.
  5. I have gotten free wifi. I am paying for it now. Just thinking of something that is not costly for them to say they understand about the 6 free nights costing me more than I could have gotten using a travel agent. So not impossible. I am sure they did not take your clock.
  6. I am taking this cruise to use my 6 free days. Turns out I am paying @$1500 more than if I booked it myself. (I am a single traveler, so you know what the issues there are). I booked on my b2b in july to norway. Had to book something on lose them. I had to make final payment right away. When I discovered the difference. I knew I would not get any money back but I thought something, free wifi, beverage upgrade, they refused to do anything. Ok. We will make the lemonade. Then I have an oceanview, no clock on the room. Asked for one and was told there were none on the ship. I did not believe it because I had one in july. The person at the desk sent an email and I was told I miraculously got one. Was made to feel special. But found out they do have them in balconies and suites. Really. Not asking for much after all the money I have spent over 10 years. My room has an uncomfortable chair for a short person, asked for a couple of pillows for my back. Again no hard sofa type pillows available. Given bed pillows. Not ideal. I was on crystal for the first time this year. And it was wonderful. Think it is time for a change. Since clearly azamara could care less.
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