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  1. nichal

    Corkage fee on NCL?

    we ordered bar set up on our cruise last week we were able to bring our wine or mixed drinksmto any bar or restaurant without corkage fee we did bring our mixers onboard happy cruising:)
  2. nichal

    Your favorite food on NCL

    you can still get chocolate fondue at Le Bistro not on the menu but you only have to ask ;)
  3. nichal

    Some Personal Opinions of the Star

    thanks for your review Canadian Twosome We sail on Feb 12 :) I have read so many negitive comments, you have renewed my faith in the Star Nicole & gang
  4. thanks for your great review:) I was getting nervous after reading so many negitives on the star we sail Feb 12, getting excited Nicole & co
  5. nichal

    NCL wine list

    yes it is a $3 fee no matter how much you order for bar set up
  6. nichal

    NCL wine list

    if you compare to a restaurant, they are about right on considering $15 corkage fee and hassle of carrying on yourself......... we just ordered wine through bar setup looking forward to leaving the frozen tundra !:eek: Nicole & company
  7. nichal

    GEM Bar Setup Was a Breeze!

    I emailed the coordinator on the Star and 20 minutes later I was on the phone ordering our bar setup. She emailed me the entire list including wine prices. very happy with Jennifer & NCL's service:) Nicole & gang
  8. nichal

    Choose my Grand Cayman adventure, win a prize!

    Stingrays have gotten bad pressdue to Steve Irwins tragic death. It was a freak accident. They are beautiful, graceful creatures. I have swam with them many times Enjoy ! Nicole