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  1. I entered the starting place (port) to the clock tower in Google maps and got 18 minutes. I was thinking about 15 minutes, but I didn’t check the time while I was there. Definitely too far to walk. Just make sure you don’t accept the $20 price when you approach the taxi area.....jonathan
  2. Did a boat tour to El Arco on my Disney Cruise. A couple of guys approached us as we started walking around the pier area, and they wanted $15, plus a $1 dock access fee. We continued walking until we got to the lighthouse (near Solomon's Landing). There another guy approached me and said it would be $10 total per person, so we did that one. I told him I didn't want to go to the beach, just a tour of El Arco, and that is what we did. It was a small boat, that held about 12 people, but we only had 6 on our trip. It had an opening in the middle, with a viewing area (glass bottom) to see the fish. The captain brought tortilla pieces, which he passed out to us to give to the fish. It was a great tour, and we had a great time.
  3. Was just there this month, and we caught the bus in front of the cruise port. Paid $1 for me and my wife. Got off at Plaza Hidalgo, and then walked to Woolworth, and then down to the malecon.
  4. I was there on November 11th on a Disney Cruise, and we took the bus directly in front of the cruise port. It was $1 for me and my wife and we got off at Plaza Hidalgo, near the malecon.
  5. I was in Cartagena last week on the Disney Wonder. Definitely agree on the price before you get in the taxi. Inside the port is slightly higher than outside the port. As I approached the taxi area, a guy asked me where I wanted to go, and I said the clock tower. He told me it would be $20 for 3 people. I told him "no thanks", and he immediately said, "$15". I told him "how about $12", and he grimaced a little, and said "okay". The taxi drivers in the port area wear a blue shirt with TAXI written all over it. He took us straight to the clock tower, but he tried to get us to let him take us on a tour, that included La Popa. We did a tour like that the first time we went to Cartagena, so I told him we just needed a ride to town. Once we did our walking tour of the old town, as I got near the clock tower, a guy approached me and asked if we needed a cab ride to the port, and I said "how much", and he told me $10. We followed him outside the clock tower entrance wall to a taxi, and once we got in I asked the driver if the total price was $10, and he said "yes". That guy did not have the TAXI shirt, and his car was slightly smaller, but it was fine. I was wondering if he would drop us off outside the port, but he dropped us off inside the port. They take US dollars.......jonathan
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