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  1. This might be what she is referring to as RC Forums...
  2. Right from the current RCCL site....A Crown & Anchor Society member can be added into a relationship with other family members in the same household and receive equivalent tier status; however Cruise Points will remain according to actual cruises taken and calculated using the Program level accrual system described above. Pinnacle Club member tier status will not be awarded to dependents if earned by their parent and/or guardian. Pinnacle Club member tier status can only be earned by an individual, spouse or significant other by one of them accumulating 700 Cruise Points or more in the CAS program. For all tiers except Pinnacle Club, a relationship is defined as a spouse or significant other and children less than 18 years old. For Pinnacle Club a relationship is considered a spouse and/or significant other. Children will be taken out of a relationship with a parent or guardian upon their 18th birthday date. If it is found that a dependent or child is not immediately removed from a relationship upon their 18th birthday and accumulates a higher tier status outside of this time period, the dependents record will be adjusted back to the appropriate tier status. Here is the link and if you search "status" you can read all the details.... https://secure.royalcaribbean.com/cas/benefitsLoggedin.do
  3. Sad but true.....Rhapsody is listed on the market currently....https://www.yachtworld.com/boats/1997/cruise-ship-2417-passengers-stock-no-s2509-3024096/
  4. Update from RCCL today....https://www.royalcaribbean.com/cruise-ships/itinerary-updates
  5. I love the MyVegas Credits...however you have to be careful.....redeemed within 14 days of a new cruise reservation and LIMITED to sail dates within one year of redemption...
  6. We have ordered gifts on https://www.royalcaribbean.com/royalgifts/ ....no issues with items being delivered to rooms. We can say that the items were as ordered/pictured. We did the anniversary package(room decorations), as well as flowers and chocolate strawberry's for parents 50th....they LOVED them. Only down part was they were NOT allowed to bring the flowers off ship when cruise ended.
  7. Off the Allure a week ago...both the MDR and the Windjammer were top notch. The food was delicious and the staff could NOT have been better. You will find that someone, somewhere will always have something to complain about....I can say...we had NOTHING to complain about on our Allure cruise. Go and enjoy and if by the "small" chance there is something you are NOT happy with....just mention it kindly and the RCCL staff will take care of you. My best advise....JUST ENJOY AND JUDGE FOR YOURSELF.
  8. Pay before the Final Payment Date...we did payment ON the Final Payment Date and RCCL called stating they did NOT received final payment...IT DEPENDS ON YOUR CREDIT CARD TRANSFER TIMES.
  9. Right off of RCCL drink sight...."KENTUCKY BURGUNDY" (Maker's Mark, creme de classic, fresh lime, strawberry mix) Here is the link you can do a search on the page for this drink...https://www.cruisemapper.com/wiki/708-royal-caribbean-alcohol-policy-drink-prices
  10. You can try these... CASINO CALL CENTER - call (888) 561-2234. CASINO EMAIL - clubroyale@rccl.com.
  11. Hope this helps....https://www.*****.com/2019/09/09/starbucks-royal-caribbean-cruise-ships Noted in this article.... All Starbucks beverages may be charged to your SeaPass account, or alternatively with the Starbucks app. Starbucks gift cards can only be used for payment on Royal Caribbean ships that have a freestanding kiosk. Starbucks purchases made on a Royal Caribbean ship are eligible to earn rewards, however, you may not redeem rewards at a Starbucks kiosk on Royal Caribbean.
  12. Another shout out for Maya Chan, best way to spend your day at this port. Limited number of guests...Top Notch service and EXTREMELY friendly staff! http://costamayabeachresort.com/
  13. Pricing listed is for NON Drink Package Cruises....list is covered under the Deluxe Drink Package. Vodka Absolut $7 Citron $7 Mandarin $7 Vanilla $7 Oak $8 Belvedere $7 Pink Grapefruit $8 Hangar 1 $9 Grey Goose $9 New Amsterdam $7 Stoli $8 Elit $9 Tito's $7 Gluten Free Rum Bacardi $7 Bacardi 8 $9 Bacardi Limon $7 Leblon Cachaca $8 Captain Morgan $7 Goslings $8 Kraken $7 Malibu $7 Miami Club $8 Myer's $7 Pyrat XO $9 Ron Zacapa $9 Gin Aviation $9 Beefeater $7 Bombay Sapphire $8 The Botanist $8 New Amsterdam $7 Tanqueray $7 Tequila & Mezcal prices 1800 $8 Avion Silver $8 Camarena Gold $8 Jose Cuervo Silver $7 Gold $7 Del Maguey Vida Blanco $8 Zignum Silver $9 Patron Silver $9 Reposado $10 Anejo $11 Scotch Chivas Regal 12 $8 The Glenlivet $9 Dewar's White $7 12 Year $9 Whiskey Johnnie Walker Black $8 Double Black $9 Canadian Club $7 Crown Royal $8 Fireball $7 Gentleman Jack $9 Glenfiddich $8 Jack Daniel's $7 Jameson $8 Rittenhouse Rye $8 Whistlepug Straight Rye $9 Bourbon Buffalo Trace $8 Maker's Mark $8 Four Roses Single Barrel $8 Cognac Hennessy V.S $8 Hennessy Black $9 Remy Martin V.S.O.P $9 Aperitif Aperbol $7 B&B $7 Campari $7 Fernet-Branca $7 Jagermeister $7 Pernod $7 Pimm's $7 Liquers Bailey's $7 Kahlua $7 Disaronno Amaretto $7 Cointreau $7 Midori Melon $7 Southern Comfort $7 Chambord $7 Frangelico $7 Sambuca $7 Drambuie $7 Grand Marnier Rouge $7 Pama Pomegranate $7
  14. Here is a tour of a JS on Oasis...posted in 2017 but should still be relevent...at 2:44 they show the bathroom and it looks like only one grab handle....
  15. Be sure to check out the Royal Escape Room on Deck 15...yes there is a charge but if you are traveling with a larger group..this could be fun! Deck 14 offers some wonder views from the Viking Lounge....no status needed at certain hours. Deck 14 also offers Izumi Restaurant...YUM...again, yes there is an up-charge but worth it! Deck 14...Enjoy the view from the Cosmopolitan Club...it is really hard to beat the views of Navigator of the Seas upper decks from the Cosmopolitan Club. Located on deck 14 aft of the ship, the Cosmopolitan Club offers guests sweeping views of the upper decks and the ocean. To get to Cosmopolitan Club, you must use the aft elevators and go up to deck 14. Deck 13 offers a relaxing day of mini golf as well as the Lime & Coconut Roof Top...check it out! Deck 12 you can get your Spa Day on as well as the Vitality Fitness Center...I say WORK OUT! Deck 11 Everyone loves the Windjammer...catch a move on the Big Screen or adults can hang in the Solarium. Decks 10-6...all cabins but explore...you never know. Deck 5....if you like the night life...the Star Lounge is here and if you have "status" the Diamond Lounge is located here as well. This is also the Royal Promenade...lots to see and look at and "watch"...have FUN! Deck 4 if you enjoy Starbucks...this is your deck...and if you want to "loose" some money....Casino Royal is located here! Deck 3 it your art gallery and Studio B Deck 2 is the ice rink....awesome as it is....you are on a cruise...why are you INSIDE?!?!? Just a few...hope it is a GREAT cruise!!!!
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