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  1. Most Cruise lines departing and arriving from Houston use Galveston with its wonderful Cruise terminal, only two minutes from the Island's lively City Center. Not so for NCL; they use the industrial (oil and container port) of the Port of Houston in La Porte TX. Even for Houstonians this is a location not easy to find. This smelly (oil and chemical plants) area is accross from Galveston Bay in the so called "Barbour Cut". If someone needs directions; here they are: [URL="http://www.greatports.com/houston/portinfo.htm"]http://www.greatports.com/houston/portinfo.htm[/URL] We hope to arrive in the Port of Houston on October 07 on the Norwegian Dream after an Atlantic Crossing that starts in Dover on September 20. Anyone else? I hope NCL will still exist by that time; they have just posted a 35.1 Million loss.

    norwegian Dream(anything but)

    [COLOR="DarkRed"][B]Any other critics going on this cruise?[/B][/COLOR] [I]I have a couple of questions for those amongst you who know the Dream: 1. How is the coffee on board, do I need to take my own brewer and coffee along? (we sometimes do). 2. Does anyone know the charge for the Sauna and Steam room?[/I] [B][COLOR="Navy"] We just "did" the Transatlantic crossing on the Grand Princess (Galveston-Civitavecchia). It was one of our best cruises ever (we have done about 60+). Because of the fact that with a repositioning cruise one almost always ends up with the return flight coupon, we decided to fly back to Europe using this coupon and returning on the Dream (which some seem to call more a nightmare than a dream.) I was in my younger years a professional Tour Director with Travcoa as well as many other Tour operators. For a short while I was a Cruise Director with Peter Deilmann Cruises in Antarctica (MV.Columbus Caravelle) also I "did" about 30 cruises in the Galapagos on the MV Santa Cruise (for Travcoa). I would love to meet other Cruisers on the Dream and if I can be of help with shore excursions etc. please let me know.[/COLOR][/B]