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  1. Usually you have to watch yourself. Is your booking through a TA or Princess?
  2. [quote name='sunneesmile']As far as packing a bottle for transport, the coolest way I saw this handled was in Italy. It was large bottle of olive oil and the bottle was similar to a wine bottle. It was from a small street kiosk. They wrapped a baby diaper around it with packing tape (yes it was new and clean right out of the box) and then sealed it into a vacuum seal bag (like a foodsaver). They said if the bottle was compromised the diaper would absorb it and the heat sealed bag would ensure it did not leak.[/quote] Hopefully it was a new one.
  3. If you are not happy with the dining situation once onboard, see the MD on embarkation day at the time/place listed in the Patter. Its usually in one of the DR's between 2p-3:30p. He can fix the issue for you. ;)
  4. We have sailed the Island/Coral many times and I think I have only been up by that splash pool once or twice.
  5. Thats my opinion and I am sticking to it. :p
  6. Hey Joe! They look to be the same type seats with the trays built in. They have the same wooden arm rests. :)
  7. There is no comparison as the drinks are watered down. :rolleyes:
  8. It thinks you are posting the German name. :eek:
  9. Thanks for the review. We had I g n a z i o several years ago, he is so funny. :)
  10. Emerald deck minis the Grand Class ships are great. :)
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