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  1. Hey everyone, it’s been awhile since I sailed Royal. I just want to know if the price goes down before final payment can I call and get it adjusted or does Royal not do that. Thanks in advance for the info!
  2. Hey Everyone, I just need to know when reservations for dining and shows open up? Is it 60 days before your cruise or 90? I am having a brain fart. Thanks!
  3. Hello everyone, looking for a list list of the brand liquors and beers that are included in the all inclusive package? Thanks!!
  4. Forgot to add the wine - here is is👍
  5. Sorry guys looks like I left out the wines. Here they are!👍
  6. Here are some clearer drink menus from escapeEscape
  7. Hello Everyone, I am now platinum and I see I get a complimentary meal in cagneys or le bistro for 2 and a complimentary dinner in la cucina or moderno. How does this work? Is there a rule on what I can get? Any restrictions. Do I just make the reservation then when I pay it will automatically not charge me? Thanks in advance! Mike
  8. Hello Everyone, Going on cruise with my in-laws in May. I want to book us all for dinner together. We both have the dining package but have different booking reservation numbers. How do I make a reservation for 4 and all be able to use our dining packages? Can I do it online? Thanks in advance!
  9. Hello Everyone, looking to book the Sun to Cuba just had a questions about the beverage package. Sorry if it’s been asked before. The ship come with the open bar and then you can upgrade to the better package. What does the better package have that the other open bar doesn’t have? Thanks in advance!
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