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  1. Hi, We are considering returning to Celebrity after taking our last several cruises on Princess and NCL. Having a place to take good walks is important to my husband and will make or break my plans for a Caribbean cruise in October on the Equinox. I've been reviewing cruise videos but so far I can't find any info on jogging tracks or promenade decks that wrap around the entire ship. Can you help me? Thanks!
  2. I need to add "Get Cash!" to my cruise prep list :D
  3. We used the "Beach Break Island Tour", they are white vans with drivers that give you the low down on the area as you are driving then bring you to Buccanos and wait for you all day. They try to have a van load but we just had 2 couples so it cost us $5.00 extra each to leave with just us 4, worth it because we didn't want to wait any longer, it was a few hours after the crowds had already left the pier area. We didn't pre-plan this, just walked up and they approached us with the offer. Email veni_vivas@hotmail.com (bus #02), his name is Veni Vivas, great guy. If I remember, it cost $60 total for us, ride both ways and beach club admissions fee ($15 for admissions fee and $15 per person for ride including the extra $5.00). This includes your beach chairs and snorkeling equipment. Also tipped of course. I would do this again in a heartbeat, and will when we are in Cozumel again. Buccanos has a restaurant/bar, it's a beautiful place. Small sandy beach but remember this is snorkeling heaven so lots of rock/iron ore or whatever it is. There are massages and a fish spa on the grounds also. I'm sure there are others who do the taxi, but the nice thing about this service is that they wait for you to take you back to the ship. If you are staying for 4 hours and someone else wants to leave after 2 hours, they take them and come back for you.
  4. Oh, I see, could be. I'll be checking on that...thanks for the info. I think I'm getting too old for these drop & go cruises, I think I need more than 2-3 weeks to plan for a cruise which is usually how we are able to do it in our line of work. There's always a few things I forget. I have gotten cash before from the casino, I forgot about that option :o
  5. Yes, it was USD, I think I had to select "Other" when the first screen came up offering pesos amounts.
  6. Just a quick note, we returned on Sunday from a 7-day glorious cruise on the Regal. In Cozumel, we were winging it with no plans, walked to the end of the large palapa where the vans are waiting to take you to the beach or wherever and realized I needed to visit the ATM so I had cash to pay for our day. Went to the ATM on the left, right after the last shop in that taxi area and withdrew $40.00. Noticed the fee was high ($5.80). Then returned to sitting down and waiting for a decent size group to form to head over to Buccanos Beach Club (wonderful by the way). Realized that I needed more cash, (duh) went back and got another $40 plus 5.80 for the fee. Got back to the ship that night and when checking my account, noticed that it took out $9.80 for the fee both times I visited this one ATM. I've attached a clip. Beware! :mad: By the way, email: veni_vivas@hotmail.com for the Beach Break Island Tour, he takes you on a nice ride with commentary to the Buccanos beach club, it was wonderful and inexpensive.
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