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    Shore day trips.

    luci, we r all on the Empress deck outside aswell . Hope we,re not to noisy :rolleyes: .Our cabin numbers r in the sixties, be nice to say hi.have you been told what the theme night r yet so we know what to wear:cool: . we havent pre booked any tours ect Im still hoping for advice:confused: .Shell. Thanks to the person with the info on drinks prices .I'll put in a search. much apreciated:D .Shell.
  2. pisseyedone

    Shore day trips.

    :p We leave on the 30th also on the sun.im so excited there are twelve of us all going .its all our first cruise, is this your first ,is the alchohol onboard expensive?.:eek:
  3. pisseyedone

    Shore day trips.

    ;) My husband and I are going on our first cruise with Pacific sun:) in a few weeks. I was wondering if it's best to prebook our trips on board the ship or can we wait untill we're on the islands and do it ourselve's.