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  1. There is also a car rental desk right at the port. We rented a car and did our own drive thru the countryside. Saw covered bridges etc.. was very pretty.
  2. We sail on both lines. And I think Starbucks is better.
  3. I do not like either choice. Both are noisy and I really missed the ocean view.
  4. Cruise Lines seem to be getting away from the hand sanitizers and are installing hand washing stations instead. We cruise Princess a lot and they have the hand washing stations on the last few we have been on. Usually still someone at the entrance to the buffet asking people to wash.
  5. We cruise mostly on Princess now also since Royal Caribbean left California a few years ago. So we are Elite on Princess and Diamond on Royal. Agree with most everything except I have a really hard time getting a good drink on Princess. They have some of the strangest concoctions. I do like the new beds on Princess a bit better. But overall love the cabins on Royal which most have a sofa and feel a bit more spacious. I also miss the towel animals when we sail on Princess. Both cruise lines have warm and friendly crew. Basically happy to be cruising!
  6. They packed us in last time we went.
  7. We were on Serenade last Sept/October (2015) for 14 nights. The beds were terrible and guest services said that mattress toppers or egg crates were no longer allowed on board. We finally took a cab to a Walmart in Quebec and bought one and brought on board and put it on ourselves. The mattress was in terrible condition.
  8. We are just off the 10 night Mex Riviera, on the Grand and agree, all the service was great on board. We had late seating in the Botticelli dining room and our waitstaff was great. I acknowledged them in my survey. The food was hit and miss but no complaints on service. :)
  9. How many bottles come with the $39 Evian package?
  10. Looking for any reviews on the Cabana's at Columbus cove. Says they will hold 8 people? Are there lounge chairs or just the couch? Pictures? Thanks!
  11. *The Princess Luxury Bed is now available on board Ruby Princess, Emerald Princess, Coral Princess and Sun Princess and will debut on board Grand Princess (Dec 2016), Caribbean Princess (Mar 2017), Golden Princess (Apr 2017), Pacific Princess (May 2017), Sea Princess and Star Princess (Nov 2017), Royal Princess (Feb 2018), Sapphire Princess (Mar 2018), Regal Princess (Apr 2018), Crown Princess (Apr 2018) and Island Princess (Apr 2018). Please note this schedule is subject to change.
  12. Great, thanks, good to hear they have worked out the kinks.
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