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  1. Question- Is there a clothes line in the bathroom to hang up our bathing suits?
  2. Yes, Have done both+ pre& post with AMA. Both were outstanding. Mini summary- Normandy was historical( Richard the Lion Hearted, D-Day etc)+ very good food & wine+ beautiful country side. Lyon was more food & wine ( which were outstanding). I loved them both. Which ever you choose have a great time Carole
  3. In 2019 (our last)cruise husband had 1 x26" 1 x22 & tote. I had 1x 22 and a tote-plus a Longchamps large tote for post land addition- no problem. Our friends had 6 bags no problem. We did a lft & shift from2021 to 2022 planning on the same baggage
  4. Has anyone used/know about Jet wasche in Lucerne. Read (somewhere) that they p/u and return laundry to your hotel. If known cost? Thx Carole
  5. Has anyone stayed at the Barbizon Palace Hotel in Amsterdam? Location? Near any restaurants? Thx Carole
  6. Hmm, Viking has cx through July 2021. Anyone have any info on what AMAWATERWAYS is planning. My guess is that they will(& others ) will follow Vikings .
  7. AMA per the CC article is resuming in June- however is this for everyone or only for Europeans? Per the US Dept of State website (https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/traveladvisories/ea/covid-19-information.html) the majority of EU nations will NOT allow US citizen to enter. So...it's still a waiting game.
  8. Will this be for EU pax only- as in 2020 or do US & CAN pax have a chance? Carole
  9. We would be returning from Zurich to NYC. I also hope that if we present a vaccination certificate that this would be waived. We have our vaccination appts scheduled several months prior to our cruise. Thx for your reply Carole
  10. Question for everyone( am also sending this to my cruise line) The US is now requiring a negative COVID test within 72 hrs of arrival in the US from abroad. Any idea how cruise line will handle this not only for just cruise but for those taking a post cruise extension? Saty safe Carole
  11. Happy Holidays to all, Whilst we wait for our Rhine Cruise my research continues. Trying to find/purchase a tourist map similar to the ones given out by the ships or hotels of Zurich and of Lucerne. Usually like the Streetwise series but no Zurich or Lucerne. Does anyone have these maps or know where I can find? Thx Carole One simple ask wear a mask
  12. AMS- Grand Krasnapolsky but when I rec my confirmation it was the Barbizon Palace Hotel. What cruise are you on? DH& I on Captivating Rhine Carole
  13. Thank you for the update. Hopefully next July we will be on board to celebrate my husband's big birthday. Stay safe & healthy Carole
  14. Any idea about the AMALUCIA? Planning on Rhine cruise on this new build Carole
  15. Pls post am doing the reverse trip.Wifi is very good- except when going through locks Carole
  16. Laundry. Unless you are a very big drinker, wine beer, soda are included with lunch & dinner. There is a make your own mimosa bar @ breakfast and there is sip & sail cocktails every day. In addition there is Capt welcome cocktail party & farewell. And.. no one objects if you top off your dinner drink and bring it to the sun deck or entertainment. Have a great time Carole
  17. Thx. I have a feeling that booking air on our own or via my TA would be less $. Its the hassle factor. PS -DH & I love CO. Denver is a vibrant city. Family in Loveland & Ft Collins Many thx Carole
  18. Have a wonderful time/ We are looking @ Captivating Rhine for next year. Pls post a review Have agreat cruise Carole
  19. Haven't been on Uniworld but I do agree with your wife the interiors seem a little too much.That being said in process of booking our 4th AMA cruise. Carole
  20. You tube has about a dozen videos of the ships & several of the itineraries. Also Samantha Brown -Places to Love program did an entire show on the Rhine on AMA Carole
  21. AMA+air Now that several US airlines have devalued their frequent flyer programs my"elite status" FF points are almost worthless for international travel so... Opinions and actual experience using AMA to book your air (JFK/NYC) to Amsterdam and return from Zurich. I also have my TA looking into several options. Thx Carole
  22. Forgot to mention- there is a clothesline in the shower-so you can wash your "personals" by hand- use the shampoo- leaves everything clean with a light scent Carole
  23. On AMADOLCE last Summer rates were 1.20 euro to wash & fold Tee Shirts & Poloshirts. The avg rate for underwear was also 1.20 euro Pants (women's) was 3.+ euros. My suggestion pack for 5 days and send out- save on airline baggage fees Have a wonderful time Carole
  24. Pls post a review/ suggestions etc. Looking @ this for next year. Thinking of taking the train to Paris from Zurich ( about 4+/- hrs w/o airport hassle) and then flying home to NYC from CDG Have a great trip Carole
  25. 1st you will enjoy your AMA cruise-they really do go out og their way to make your trip excellent. So go to the My Booking section of the web. You will have to enter your reservation # etc You will then be able to look @ all the excursion and other info for your cruise. Have a great time Carole
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