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  1. I do not see the 1-4 G for the balconies. Am i missing it?
  2. I haven't been on a cruise for the past year and a half. Went on to start looking at an Alaska cruise. I notice all the cabin codes are changed. I always did a D1 or D2. So would the 4B be equivalent? What is the 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G. I see it says spacious ocean view balcony but what is the difference. Why are they separated on the chart? Thanks for the help..
  3. I am looking at my first river cruise. We would like to do the lower Mississippi - Memphis to New Orleans. What time of year would be best? We were thinking either April/May or late Sept/Oct. When did you go and how was the weather? Thanks for any info
  4. Thank you everyone for your answers... Really looking forward to this..
  5. We picked free specialty dining for one of the perks on our cruise. We have a reservation for Cagneys and I wondered if there is a price limit on our dinner for what we can have. Thanks
  6. Thank you all for your help. I know every cruise line has things a little bit different so this was very helpful. Really looking forward to this cruise....
  7. Thank you Is there a boarding pass contained in the e docs? This is my first NCL cruise. On my last Royal Caribbean cruise, my travel agent printed out all my e docs then there was a couple pages I printed when i did on line check in. It was about my account being set up. Thanks for your help
  8. I have just finished filling out my online check in. First cruise with NCL. What do i have to print out to bring with me to my cruise. My travel agent will print and give me my cruise documents. Thanks for the help
  9. Thank you everyone. I am glad I came on here to ask. There certainly is a big difference between a show in the theater and a bit of dancing in the dining room We changed the reservation t0 9;30. Dinner is 5;30 so that will give us plenty of time to get to the theater and enjoy dinner without rushing. Thanks again...
  10. We will be on the Epic the end of March and have reservations for this show. Could anyone tell me more about the show? The girl in reservations told me it was a dance show that takes place in the dining room after dinner but she seemed a little vague about it. I have a 5:30 dinner reservation in the Manhattan room.The show is booked for 7pm so after we eat do we just stay where we are and watch it? This will be my first cruise with NCL - really looking forward to it. Thanks for any info..
  11. Have been having computer issues - thank you to all who took the time to reply to me.. Your help is appreciated..
  12. I was looking to book Cortrans for for a trip from MCO to port and then back to MCO after cruise. It will be same day as cruise. If our flight is a little late do they wait for you or do they do continous loops so that you have to wait for the next one to come along. If I book to go back to airport, are they generally waiting at the port when the ship comes in? If it is busy getting off ship, will they wait or same question as above. Thanks for any help.
  13. Hi all I will taking my first cruise on NCL in March. I have booked by shore excursions and my dining. I went on the website to try to find which nights I was dining where - like a calendar for each day showing excursion, dining time/place but I was unable to find it. Can anyone direct me where on the website I would find it when I sign in? thanks for any help
  14. We will be landing at MCO and need a transfer for 5 people to Port Canaveral and back to MCO after the cruise. We were thinking of just booking transfer thru NCL. Is this the best/most reliable way for our group or does someone have suggestions for something else? Thanks for any answers..
  15. I will be sailing on the Epic next year with stops at the same ports. First time NCL cruiser. Thank you for all the excellent info and tips and pictures. Can't wait to read more...
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