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  1. Oh my, what wonderful memories you have stirred up! My husband and I took our honeymoon on the Norwegian Seaward in October 1988 (our first cruise too). I found your post googling the ship today just to reminisce. I actually found a few videos on Youtube as well. My husband did the golfing off the back of the ship and I totally remember the flaming Alaskan dessert at dinner. We must have cruised shortly after you because I remember Jamaica had just been hit with a terrible hurricane, but we were able to dock in Ocho Rios and do Dunns River Falls. I do remember, however, how sketchy some areas looked. We were 22 and 23 and it was our first time out of the country, too. Thanks for your post! 🙂
  2. This past January/February, we cruised on the Fantasy out of Mobile, AL (4-day to Cozumel). We are booking another cruise for January/February next year and my daughter has suggested the Ecstasy out of Jacksonville, FL (5-day to Nassau/Princess Cay). Are we going to feel like we're right back on the Fantasy? From the pictures I'm seeing it looks so similar . . .
  3. We have only cruised Fantasy Class ships in the past, but I would love a change of scenery (cabins) for our cruise next year. Is there a Fantasy Class ship that has cabins that are decorated differently than the standard orange? The only one I seem to have found that is different is the Paradise, but we just did the Western Caribbean itinerary this past February on the Fantasy.
  4. For those who have done the Alaskan cruise on Ovation (I understand this is a fairly new itinerary), would you happen to have the daily schedule of events or any tips for must-do's on the ship? Thanks!
  5. Oh, it has everything to do with it because he does not have a credit card so we attached our's to his S&S lol. With the Cheers package and using cash in the casino, he doesn't expect to have many charges, if any at all, on his S&S. 😉
  6. Do you know if you can pay for it with cash or does it have to go on your Sign & Sail?
  7. Yes, they are aware . . . and you're right, it kinda stinks lol!
  8. He is rooming with a friend, who is also getting the Cheers package - thanks!
  9. Can someone tell me how/when you purchase Cheers once on board? Do you do it when you check in at the terminal before boarding or at Guest Services once on the ship? My son was going to prepurchase, but now needs to wait until the day we sail due to the way his pay day falls. Thanks!
  10. Husband and I are using cash for our Sign and Sail. We just attached our credit card to his Sign and Sail because he doesn’t have one and doesn’t want to tie up his cash because he doesn’t expect to spend hardly anything onboard. And we have prepaid our gratuities.
  11. Does the same rule apply to paying for the Cheers program with two different credit/debit cards? My son and his friend are getting Cheers and it would be nice if they could just split the payment online instead of one of them having to reimburse the other.
  12. If you want to put down both, cash for the majority of the trip and CC for the last day's spending, can you do both during on-line check in or do you have to just do one and then add the other before boarding?
  13. Well, I just printed our boarding passes, etc. and included with his is a Letter of Authorization for Use of Credit Card by Third Party/Guest. However, it says that it only needs to be completed if the credit card used when completing online check-in does not belong to any guest traveling on the sailing and must be completed by the non-sailing credit card holder. Since husband and I are sailing with him I assume it does not need to be filled out. Am I safe to assume that? Just don't want any unforeseen issues . . . thanks!
  14. We are traveling with our two adult children and their guests. Husband and I are putting down cash for our Sail and Sign. Our son has Cheers and doesn't really expect to spend much, if anything, on the ship so doesn't really want to use cash for his, but doesn't have a credit card. I attached one our credit cards to his account, but just read that he must be an authorized signer on that card? Do they really check that?
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