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  1. We are looking at this itinerary for my husband's retirement cruise in 2021. Like everyone else, I'm a little disappointed it's on the Fascination. We have sailed on her before and enjoyed it, but are looking to try different classes. Until our most recent cruise last month on the Valor (loved it!), we had only sailed the Fantasy class.
  2. I know the ingredients for this wonderful cocktail, but would anyone happen to have the exact recipe showing the amounts of each ingredient?
  3. How do you know which ones will be shown on a specific ship/sailing?
  4. Hmmmmm, I had heard of Cruise Cash, but didn't know exactly how it worked. That may be another option to consider - thanks!
  5. Easier, yes; however, my son does not have a credit card and my daughter and her husband are limiting activity on their credit cards because they have a loan application pending on some property. In terms of the cabin with the three kids in it, my son has his own S&S account and my daughter and her husband have their own S&S account (my credit card is simply attached to each account). Will they get two statements then? And then DH & I will get one for our cabin?
  6. I believe there are already 3 separate accounts (myself and husband; son; and daughter and husband), but my credit card is the funding source for all 3 accounts. The reason for that is my son doesn't have a credit card, and my daughter and her husband are limiting activity on their credit cards because they have a loan application pending on some property. I may suggest the cash option to them, that's what DH and I did on our cruise last year and it worked pretty well. Thanks!
  7. My family will be cruising on the Valor in a couple of weeks. It will be my husband and I in one cabin, and my son, daughter, and daughter's husband in the cabin next door. I have my credit card attached to everyone's Sail & Sign account. I have a couple of questions: 1. Will I be able to look at the itemized statement at the end of the cruise and determine the charges incurred by each individual person so that they can reimburse me? Or will each individual get their own itemized statement of their Sail & Sign account? 2. Can you pay off the charges either in cash, check, or debit card before you get off the ship on the last day? Thanks for the help! 🙂
  8. We currently have two cabins with connecting balconies (family trip w/adult children). Does this ship have cabins that have connecting balconies, but also connect from the inside? If not, which would be your preference: balcony cabins that connect inside, or balcony cabins that connect outside? This is our first time to have balcony cabins so I'm not sure which we would enjoy more.
  9. I have looked at the website for Advance Checkin, but do not see the price for simply storing your luggage there and retrieving it yourself to take to the airport (not having them transport it for you). Would anyone happen to know that cost?
  10. Ahhhh, didn't know I could do that! Are we still okay ya think, or are we kinda under the kitchen area?
  11. It's close lol, but we appear to be under the carpeted area (Cabins 8388 and 8392) . . . Lido Deck on the left, Verandah Deck on the right.. . .
  12. Can anyone weigh in here that has been in a balcony cabin on Valor's Verandah Deck directly under Rosie's Restaurant on the Lido Deck? I am just so excited to finally be staying in a balcony cabin (not to mention we are surprising our adult children) that I am not anticipating it to be a deal breaker or anything, but am a little curious what other's experiences have been in such a location. Thanks!
  13. I just went to the website to explore this option, but don't see it. Would you happen to have a link?
  14. Oh my, what wonderful memories you have stirred up! My husband and I took our honeymoon on the Norwegian Seaward in October 1988 (our first cruise too). I found your post googling the ship today just to reminisce. I actually found a few videos on Youtube as well. My husband did the golfing off the back of the ship and I totally remember the flaming Alaskan dessert at dinner. We must have cruised shortly after you because I remember Jamaica had just been hit with a terrible hurricane, but we were able to dock in Ocho Rios and do Dunns River Falls. I do remember, however, how sketchy some areas looked. We were 22 and 23 and it was our first time out of the country, too. Thanks for your post! 🙂
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