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    FCO to LGW

    Two hours on an european flight is more than enough. In fact, EZ may not even open up check-in until 90 minutes before departure. That's one of the ways in which these low cost carriers keep costs down, by only paying for a minimal amount of staff for a minimal time.

    Dubai booze

    With regard to the purchase of alcohol and taking it into the UAE the answer is a 100% yes, you can legally take alcohol into the country and it makes no difference if your onward transport within the state is by car, bus, taxi or any other method.
  3. My choice would be the first cruise, i.e. Iceland & Faroe Islands etc plus it finishes up in a nice part of the world, Cornwall. Iceland really is stunning although outrageously expensive and it's cold & windy, even in the summer. Many of the ports on the second option would be very much of a muchness and like John Bull, I don't do sea days so it's option one all the way for me.
  4. September would me my choice too. Late Spring & early summer have been awful for the past few years whereas September is generally very nice. As an example, it's 23c (74F) down here in the south of England today.
  5. Boots is in West Quay Retail Park on Harbour Parade between Ikea and Mcdonalds as you're walking away from the docks along West Quay Road. It's probably a ten minute walk.
  6. There are no rental companies based at the port itself. The nearest would probably be Enterprise who have a depot in Grays and would no doubt either deliver a car to you or arrange to pick you up. Grays is about 8 miles from the cruise terminal.
  7. The official line from Jade's crew a couple of weeks back when arriving in Venice was that all passengers had to be off the ship by 10.30 hrs. As mentioned by pattymo, they were running early on the day and were calling groups off the ship 15-20 minutes before their scheduled time slots.
  8. Jasmine Garden on Jade a couple of weeks back was excellent. Good tasty food and efficient service. The only slight downside would be the limited menu choice. It was very popular most nights but we waited no more than ten minutes for our beeper to go off.
  9. Show times were 19.30 and 21.30 a couple of weeks back.
  10. Just off Jade last week as first time NCL cruisers. We weren't expecting too much prior to the cruise but our expectations were exceeded. We found it to have a very relaxed atmosphere and the staff were definitely the happiest and most willing that we've come across on any line/ship. We also loved the overall layout of the ship. We thought the food was excellent in Cagney's, Jasmine Garden, Blue Lagoon and also the buffet. The only slight disappointment was the size of the stateroom. We booked a mini-suite which was very small compared to the mini's on for instance RCI but the bathroom was by far the best layout that we have come across.
  11. Just off Jade last week and never waited more than a few minutes even with seemingly everyone having the UBP.
  12. We just got off Jade this morning. There were two medical evacuations within hours of each other. The first after leaving Kusadasi in the early hours of Thursday morning and the second on Thursday afternoon off the coast of Kefalonia. Passengers were not generally aware of the first evacuation until the second happened and the captain announced that we would still arrive in Split on time despite the two incidents. Both were very efficient operations with the captain praising both the staff involved and the respective local authorities.
  13. As a relative local I can assure you that there is absolutely nowhere to walk around in the vicinity of the hotel, unless you fancy walking to one of the other hotels on the strip. There is a decent but pricey Chinese restaurant within a ten minute walk or a McDonald's and that's about it. The nearest town is 10-15 ten minutes on a bus. You are literally just outside the airport's perimeter fence.
  14. The post Office is no good to you as they don't accept personal effects for international carriage. By far your best bet would be to use one of the specialist unaccompanied baggage services like First Luggage. http://www.firstluggagevip.com/ They don't require bags to be dropped to them. Just give them a call, pay by credit card and they'll email the tracking label through to you or the concierge at your hotel and then arrange for your case(s) to be collected, usually by Fedex.
  15. Each to his own I guess... I've lived all my life within a couple of miles of Bekonscot and went there for the first time this year with our little-un. I thought it was nothing better than ok and relatively expensive at £10.00 for something that took less than an hour even if you stopped for a coffee. They even charge an additional £1 each to ride on their miniature train.
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