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  1. What's the wine for embarkation night? 


    Last cruise we took was Carnival and they had a 50% off wine if you went to the steakhouse on embarkation night. Decent stuff too and with the 50% off we were sometime eblow retail. Ended up getting 8 bottles of various stuff (Including Caymus, Frank Family Cab, Siler Oak) and the steward "opened" them by pulling the cork halfway out of each bottle. then we told the waiter which bottle we wanted and he went ad grabbed it. 

  2. Anyone got a list of plus wines vs premier wines? We are leaving Saturday for Fairbanks for three days before our cruise tour and start on Majestic on Sep 9 and debating upgrading. I have the booze list but not wine.


    Also, got a coupon book that has a note about a free bottle for specialty dining on embarkation day. Anyone done that? What's the wine?

  3. Switching to back to trip insurance, The main attraction of the Viking policy is the cancel for any reason coverage with a cruise that is still almost two years away. With third party its limited typically to 75% of the coverage cost (I guess you could bump it up, but they might want receipts) vs 100% for Viking


    But you have to pay in full for Viking policy when you buy it, right? And then if you change things you forfeit that and have to buy a new policy? Maybe I got that wrong


    Has anyone done a third party policy where you cover the $200 or $250 deposit only to lock in the pre-existing condition (and CFAR if you go that route), then up the amount when you make final payment?

  4. Looking at July 2025 and saw the March due date for the grand European tour. 16 months in advance. Crazy. That being said, we like the idea of true balconies vs french balconies (maybe we shouldn't but on ocean cruises we always get a balcony, this is our first river cruise) and have friends who want the Big suites at the back of the  ship.


    Are there equivalent tours on other lines with full balconies and big suite? Looks like Avalon and AMA only have french balconies? Haven't heard of he other lines and haven't researched yet.

  5. On 8/9/2023 at 6:32 PM, CruizinSusan70 said:

    The drinks max out at 15 for plus and 20 for premier.  This is a list from last year when the limits were 12 and 18.  https://profcruise.com/the-new-princess-beverage-packages-with-updated-bar-menus/


    Edit:   Just found a June 2023 update on line with all of the menus from the Majestic listed.  https://eatsleepcruise.com/majestic-princess-bar-guide/

    First off thanks so much for these links.


    So from these links seem the only plus stuff is $14 and under and Premium is $15 and over and I guess you can pay the difference if you have plus and order something from the premium menu?




  6. On 6/17/2023 at 12:39 PM, Purple Gallinule said:

    We are taking the southbound Majestic trip starting today. It is amazing how quiet the ship is today. It is more like the first sailings after the recent unpleasantness (COVID) when the ships were only half full. The room stewards are busy and have a team-like organization to get everything done for the new passengers. We are doing laundry and enjoying our balcony. This is the first time we have ever seen the sun in Whittier! It is so beautiful!


    Bon Voyage to all who are disembarking today. Hope to SEA you around on another cruise.

    What's the laundry situation? Seeing on other ships that it may be free, but not much on whether that applies to Majestic also. We are doing a land tour starting in Fairbanks Sep 5 before our Sep 9 southbound but are also staying three days before and three days in Vancouver on the back end, so laundry would be nice

  7. We are on the 4 day land tour with Princess before the Sep 9 southbound Majestic Princess cruise and this includes a half day and a full day at Denali. I am a bit stumped on what to look to do that day so looking for suggestions.


    We are doing the Princess-sold white water rafting excursion on the half day but currently have zero plans for full day.

  8. On 7/22/2023 at 6:15 PM, PacnGoNow said:

    Ultimate Balcony Dinner.  IMO the best!  We enjoyed the WMD $40 on the Enchanted.  Very good and well worth the money.  But, we love the UBD, great food, presentation and had 3 waiters, it was fabulous every time we did it.  

    Look it up on the website.  We book it ahead of time on the cruise personalizer and you can alter the date once OB if you need to.  
    I like to do it while overnight in port or on a sailaway from a port.  
    $110 per cabin.

    How do you sign up for that? We are four couples with adjoining balconies so might be fun

  9. 22 hours ago, CruzeQueen2 said:

    @geepmaley I highly recommend you try The Catch. We were there the very first night in May, official opening night. Loved it soooo much we booked it for our last night as well. We're not disappointed. Cover charge $39 per person. You won't regret it. Replaces Sur le Mer. Enjoy! Every morsel... I did!





    There is no availability right now per the app outside a couple nights at 9:10PM. That sounds "fishy" to me (pun intended)

  10. On 4/6/2023 at 3:51 PM, Steelers36 said:

    I don't see any reason to expect this new WMD is anything much different than the old WMD - other than it looks to be available on the older ships as well as Royal Class and newer.  What was ridiculous was the old cover of $40 - a complete steal-of-a-deal from the guest perspective.  However, I don't see it as worth more than a CTL experience.  


    It won't be something we will do.  We have never done the CT/CTL either.  I think the best value is the $100 UBD (for two).  I suppose that will go up any day now as well.  We are rarely in a balcony, but when we are I will be doing that one at only $22 more than two CG covers (assuming today's known pricing of $78 versus $100).  I really doubt they can keep that $100 price tag based on all the other increases.



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