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  1. Looking at the celebrity release (i assume it mirrors its parent), indivuduals who dont show proof of vaccine will also have to pay an extra $175ish per person to cover the mandatory testing they will have over the cruise, and there will be designated dining and casino areas only for individuals who have provided proof. I guess they will have some kind of wristband that identifies who is who?
  2. I’d be careful with any cruise out of Italy (I don’t think NCL will be resuming there this year anyways). The Italian government has been enforcing quarantines and restriction of movement for large periods of the year. Even if the cruise happens, you could be stuck in quarantine prior to sailing - they just enforced a 5 day quarantine for non-Italian EU citizens during Easter.
  3. https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/5988/?et_cid=3417200&et_rid=251694853&et_referrer=Boards%20-%20CC-US I don’t think anyone, including CDC knows what is going on at this point. CDC: “Blame Department of Transportation. They are part of the deciding body to continue to halt cruises.” DoT: “No we aren’t.” Cant make this up.....
  4. I’m with you. Already cancelled my NCL transatlantic in Dec and am booking a RCL Caribbean cruise out of Barbados instead.
  5. And? Businesses are back open, restaurants are open, hotels are open, resorts are open. Sporting events are going to begin to allow fans to attend, both outdoor and indoor. I don’t see a correlation between 75,000 new cases and 1,260 new deaths to allowing cruise lines to safely begin cruises again with mandatory proof of vaccination for passengers and crew, proof of negative tests prior to sailing, partial capacity sailings, and allowing only US citizens to board ships embarking/disembarking from US ports. As I was driving through DC yesterday, I’d estimate roughly 1/3 of the p
  6. Celebrity just announced today they are commencing 7 day Caribbean cruises out of St Maarten in June, becoming the 2nd line now to start cruises this summer. Celebrity’s email says adults with vaccines but children under 18 only need negative test. It’s just a matter of time before the rest of the cruise lines follow.
  7. Crystal Cruises just announced they are going to do a Bahamas only cruise itinerary starting in July. Partner already has both vaccine shots, I’m getting my second the end of this month. Looks like I’ll be cruising this summer. https://www.luxurytraveladvisor.com/cruises/crystal-cruises-launches-bahamas-escapes-beginning-july-2021
  8. I don’t know. My uninformed thoughts are if there won’t be a season there, the ships won’t stay and will preposition to the next season location. Of course I know nothing of ship operations, maintenance, or just about anything else other than where the bars are located on it. 😎
  9. I’m booked on the Getaway in December. My worries are similar to yours - I’m just not sure NCL will have a summer-fall season in Europe and the ships won’t even be there to come back. If that happens, I’ll rebook a Dec Caribbean cruise instead.
  10. These are all really good points. I don’t have much to say on 1 and 2 - other than hope. What I am hearing from medical people here is the vaccine might be combined with flu and given annually if it doesn’t last long. I hope not, but we might be getting this yearly at the start of flu season. I do think 3 and 4 will eventually be worked out, and am more worried about the first 2. Cruise lines are losing hundreds of millions of $ and who knows how much tourism revenue some of these ports or are losing. I don’t think cruise lines will let crew vaccinations stop them from starti
  11. Right - a little over 10% in about the first two months. There were projected ramp-ups already and two more vaccines waiting for approval. Assuming retaining 1-1.5M per day which is what we have been seeing most of the year, and that’s another 150M - 225M does given by July. I get there is a big world out there, but this is big money. I’m willing to bet the cruise lines start up Caribbean and Mexican cruises this summer if the vast majority of Americans have been vaccinated. Depending on the status is Europe, wouldn’t surprise me if ships were not repositioned there this year if
  12. Almost 40 million Americans have received at least one dose of the vaccine so far, and I think I read more than 10 million have received both. At this rate and with J&J likely to be approved soon, I don’t see why everyone that wants a vaccine won’t have it by early-mid Summer. Why do people think cruising will still be shut down into 2022?
  13. I think April is in danger but we are looking better for some types of limiting cruising in the late spring-summer. I know more people now that have received their first vaccination than I know people who got the virus, so we are definitely moving in the right direction.
  14. The best way to get this information is probably through the Chinese government - they pretty much have already stolen almost all personal and medical data about US individuals. Providing health information about US citizens (without their approval) to private businesses would definitely be a violation of national and state laws.
  15. Howl at the Moon is one of our favorites on any cruise line. We will probably spend many nights there. Definitely a selling point on such a long cruise. 😀
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