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  1. He thinks the spa on the Pearl was better, but the Star was definitely worth the passes. Also - your sailing will probably have a lot of sea days, so may make it even better value if you use it a lot.
  2. There is a daily meet-up on NCL ships, usually early evening. Each sailing is so different though. We have been on ships where 20-30 people showed up daily and on others where we were the only ones. I think NCL calls it the "LGBTQIA Get Together" - I think Celebrity calls their version Friends of Dorothy. They will post the time and location on the daily planner. Have a great cruise!
  3. I was on the Star earlier this year. Here is my review that gives copies of some of the dailies and what times the shows start. You don't need to pre-book any entertainment on that ship. Its a smaller ship, and there was always available seating in the theater. If you are picky on where you want to sit, get there a little early. You can adjust your dinner reservations. I'm a huge planner - so I always have my dinner reservations booked prior to boarding. We normally will eat earlier and go the late show (I personally think more people go to the earlier shows, so I don't think the later shows are as packed).
  4. I /usually/ don't in Europe. I presume they are all making living wages and tipping generally isn't part of their culture, outside of couple of areas. I tipped a private tour guide who gave us a half day tour in Rome and got us past the lines, but that was the exception rather than the rule for me. That said, I'm sure Europeans would love to take your money if you want to tip (though one tour guide acted offended when someone brought up tipping him at the end of a group tour - I think it was one of the Greek islands). :) I'd go with whatever you normally tip in other locations as the baseline if you want to tip drives and tour guides.
  5. Princess continues to be hit with criminal penalties for pollution (in 2016 and again this year for violating their probation). It’s a unique way of looking at it, but maybe NCL is a better line for you because they have not been habitually caught polluting the oceans.
  6. I’ve had a few times at Cagneys and Bistro where the meat didn’t come out right (Usually overcooked). Was no big deal to me - I sent it back to the kitchen and asked them to send out a new one. Replacement was always good and never had to send that one back. if a restaurant serves you something that you don’t like or wasn’t prepared right, send it back and make them do it again. Doesn’t matter if on a cruise or a land restaurant. If enough people send dishes back it will force them to do a better prep or QC job. The worst thing people can do is accept it and not make them correct it.
  7. I wish I was retired already. These are great deals. Maybe in 2 years I can jump of these types. 😀
  8. We’ve been on 14+ night cruises on NCL, Celebrity, and Royal. On the longer cruises you will see variety in the entertainment. Outside of the production, many will headliners disembark after several days and a new group with embark. Haven’t been on the Bliss so can’t comment on specifics on that ship. For me the bigger issue is how to fill out the days, not nights on a longer cruise. On a 14 day, you will probably have a number of sea days.
  9. Just to add personal experience - if you split payment with your AMEX and another card, you won’t get the OBC and Bistro. Whole cruise must be paid with your AMEX (not including cruise next cert). Learned hard way when I paid deposit with AMEX and balance with NCL Card.
  10. I think I have about 20-30 prints of free art - they give them away to everyone at every auction. Then you can win some more on the raffles, guess the price, guess the weight events. All mine are in a box in a storage unit. Some of them were cute little pieces.
  11. Haven’t done it on Escape, but my answer would be it depends. Going rate for Brazilian Steakhouse where I am is $45-50/pp, so the cost is consistent. If I didn’t have free at sea and platinum perks, I wouldn’t pay that cost though - much cheaper with a dinner package than. I don’t think the quality on the ships is as good as land based chains (Texas de Brazil, fogo, etc), but if you have never done one before, i would definitely use one of your dinner package nights there. Just don’t eat much that day before you go 😀
  12. I would pay more for a smoke free casino. Casinos on NCL are my least favorite feature. I can’t spend more than 20-30 minutes in the casino because of the concentration of smoke.
  13. I’ve found Howl at the Moon one of the best entertainment venues on any cruise line. Always had a blast.
  14. Thanks for this - I got it added and ended up paying a $32 difference in change to price. Even if I only use one excursion I save $18. My cruise has 5, so I might be saving over $200. Thanks!
  15. Why do you feel that way? Move to the US and you will pay based on US model. Problem solved 😀. Of course then you will be stuck with paying gratuities (not to open that can).
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