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  1. I’m not sure if booking directly is the criteria. We have never booked any cruise directly, but its weird because I get most mailings from Royal Caribbean and Oceana. Most of my emails are from Princess and Carnival. Havent been on Oceana yet (though it will probably be one of my first once cruising starts again). I don’t remember the last time I got a mailing or email from NCL.
  2. I think you are missing the consideration that the large majority of cruisers from US ports are Americans. How many of them will pay thousands of dollars to fly to a Caribbean Port to then pay thousands more to go on a cruise? This model will essentially make cruising unaffordable for most of the current clientele. If the cruise lines go back to smaller ships, it might work. The premium lines already do it - but their ships have a fraction of the passengers of the larger lines. I don’t see how the lines would be profitable leaving US ports - they won’t be able to fill their ships.
  3. I’m not booking until prices become reasonable. I’ve done some mock bookings the last few weeks with Norwegian and Celebrity. Prices I am seeing are what I would expect for the premium lines. If I am going to pay premium prices, I’ll got on a premium line instead (Oceana probably). More likely, I likely I will do resort travel once travel is safer and hold off on any cruises until prices normalize again.
  4. Some people may have a lot of disposable income 😀
  5. Just got an email from TA that final payment for my December cruise is coming up in a few weeks. I’m going to cancel (no way I will make full payment at this point). 120 days out in this environment is a little absurd.
  6. So what you are saying is you tip to entice the crew as a bribe to break the rules and give you things you didn’t pay NCL for or aren’t entitled to (I’m not judging). 😂 I do what a few others have mentioned - at the end of the cruise if a certain crew member made my cruise that much better, I’ll give him/her an envelope on the way out. I’ve never tipped per drink and have only received great service on the ships. If you treat people with respect and are pleasant to them, you will get good service (maybe not buckets of beer service, but good service).
  7. The spikes now are related to Memorial Day holiday and people not taking safe precautions. Wait until the 4th of July - that’s when we will see the huge spike in all the metro centers that have been protesting the last two weeks without social distancing and safe precautions.
  8. People are going to go as soon as they reopen (which looks like in the next couple months). There will be restrictions and precautions as they try preventative health. Some people will have a great time, others will complain about the experience, food, and poor crew not getting tipped enough. Then more people will go, and restrictions will slowly ease as advanced medical techs get introduced on ships and medicines become available for COVID. I won’t go right away because I won’t find the experience enjoyable, but I have no doubt people are going to to go. And I won’t pass any ju
  9. Here is the current status of Caribbean Islands and their opening to tourism. It’s more related to resorts and hotels. But if they are allowing resorts to open for tourism (with precautions) that is a positive sign for cruise ships. Some places have already lifted restrictions, while others looked phased over June and July, just in time for hurricane season. https://www.msn.com/en-us/travel/news/caribbean-comeback-a-guide-to-when-travelers-can-return-to-the-islands/ar-BB1532QG?li=BBnbklE&ocid=DELLDHP
  10. There is more to this story than being told. The story even states that crew members have been leaving this ship and going home. Why have they been able to and this guy not? Seems like the article is a half story. And grueling? Sounds like a similar experience to the 30 million newly unemployed Americans who have been adhering to stay at home orders for the last couple months.
  11. This is horrible news for the handful that appear to have been hoping for bankruptcy and the end of the cruise industry. Don’t know why they are on these forums when almost all their posts seem to like that. For the rest of us, this and Carnivals securement of cash from the Saudis is great news. 2 of the 3 now appear to be able to withstand hardship for the next 1-2 years.
  12. I won't be the /first/ week, but once it is determined to be safe, I'll start booking and going again. Right now, I'm still booked for a December cruise that I fully expect will be happening. If schools are open, malls are open, hotels and/or resorts are open, and sports stadiums are open, it would be hard to say cruises are banned. I'm sure the cruise lines are already working on better health monitoring and protection actions. Its big $ for them. My prediction was August, and I'm still sticking with that. That is still 4 months away, so who knows.
  13. This was brought up a week or two ago when the stimulus was approved. BTW the Saudi Government just became a minority owner of CCL, buying 8% of stocks this week. I guess part of the decision making the three lines are making, is it worth asking for the US Government for money (with whatever restrictions are placed) or go elsewhere. Looks like Carnival decided to go elsewhere. We'll see what happens with Royal and Norwegian.
  14. I don’t think cruise lines will be operating out of New York the end of May. I think it will be too soon. But it is 8 weeks away. Who knows. Predictions are the US will hit its peak mid-April. I think we will be cruising just in time for hurricane season.
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