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  1. Agreed! The Signature ships have the classic features of the Vista class with the addition of fabulous Tamarind and the Silk Den. Of the Vistas, I think Noordam wins for her unique Explorations Café on the promenade. I enjoyed Koningsdam but would have done a lot differently. Missed the proper promenade deck, the glass elevators, and the Explorer's Lounge. And I thought the Ocean Bar was poorly situated, with prime real estate at the top of the atrium wasted on Guest Services. So put me down for Eurodam and Nieuw Amsterdam.
  2. "…the CDC will first want operators to conduct simulated (mock) voyages with volunteers playing the role of passengers to test the line's ability to mitigate COVID-19 risk." https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/5687/ Where do I sign up??? 😁
  3. Related from NYT: Where Cruise Ships Are Sent to Die Published today. More pics, background, and interviews. Not really anything new though.
  4. From the floor tables and seating, it must be a "Showroom at Sea" on an S or R class vessel, no?
  5. Correct! Just pointing out that CC did something similar in their latest email. And posted with tongue in cheek. "Guess the ship" is a great idea! And having sailed X Equinox, I have to say I agree with @AtlantaCruiser72 that there are a great many ways to explore.
  6. This was 1997 so well after the CCL acquisition, right? It seems at the time, HAL as a brand was positioned well above the mass/mid market lines as a luxury line. Six stars!? I get that "premium" is the name of the game today, but I'm not sure what the industry landscape looked like at that time. Any thoughts about this? I'm interested in pre-CCL HAL vs. post-CCL HAL and I do understand that all of the S- and R- class vessels came about (no pun intended) post-acquisition. But it seems from where I sit that HAL was kept significantly more unique during the earlier years.
  7. From CC insider e-newsletter… @Despegue somebody stole your idea!
  8. Thank you very much for the thoughtful and thorough reply, @Miaminice. Just can't wait to get back to sea, and this thread has been really encouraging.
  9. Thank you, Miaminice, for the awesome thread! Like so many others, I've really enjoyed going along with you! 🙏 I understand that the scare with the crew tests during the week was just that – a scare – and those initial results were false positives. During the time between those results and the follow-up tests that confirmed no one was infected, was it business as usual? You weren't confined to staterooms? It didn't seem so from your account. In the same vein, were you advised, prior to departure, what the protocol would be if an outbreak did occur on board?
  10. Zaandam 2001 Christmas cruise with family. Was just along for the ride, but got hooked! Now I'm the instigator…
  11. Agreed. Ocean Bar on the K doesn't have the same gracious, open feel as on the Vista and Signature ships, surrounding the top of the atrium. So strange to me that they would put Guest Services in that space. But I also really missed the lovely, traditionally nautical Explorers Lounge.
  12. I'm curious about this too. Can it be that the bridge wings do not extend past the lifeboats? If that were the case, then why bother having bridge wings at all?
  13. USA Today: United charter flight will take Australian citizens from ill-fated MS Zaandam home Sunday
  14. Worried about this. If it’s COVID—19, we need to get everyone off the ship as quickly as possible. We know from Diamond Princess, sadly, that trying to quarantine on board is a potential disaster. I hope I’m wrong – that this is not COVID-19 – but if it is, we need to find a way to bring everyone ashore. ASAP. Wishing and hoping the best for all aboard.
  15. Hi Allure. I had SY8062 on Westerdam this summer. It's sort of below the Lido bar area, in a high-traffic area, but without loungers above. I had been concerned about noise from the lido deck, but we heard barely anything from above. Interestingly, we did hear the elevators "ding" frequently. Still, I think the stateroom was great, but it wasn't under the buffet. I think Kazu is giving you good advice re being under Canaletto. Good luck!
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